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The Freakin Weekend

All of the sudden, fall swept its way into Charlotte.  I’m sure we will have a few more 95+ degree days, but this weekend – oh, the weather was blissful.  It was so wonderful to be outside. I got outside for a 3 miles stroller run.  I haven’t pushed a stroller on a jog in [...]


That Sugar Film

Last night, we watched a really great documentary called That Sugar Film.  Have you seen it?     I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while and finally pulled the trigger on renting the movie – I was glad I did.  Pretty eye-opening. For more…   9 Intriguing Food Philosophy Books (this list is [...]



Check out this circa 1986 photo of me and my grandpa.  I am wearing what was my FAVORITE shirt… My yellow Cheerios shirt!  I know this sounds crazy, but I actually remember that shirt.  It was so soft. And I wore it non-stop.  Cheerios was my favorite food – my mom loves to tell the [...]


HIIT Stairclimber

Rocked out an awesome stairclimber workout yesterday! I had to get dressed and put on “real person” clothes (AKA not yoga pants) for a meeting yesterday, so I did my old favorite stay-at-home trick… Headed to the gym so I could shower and blow dry my hair in peace.  Look, I’ve got two mobile kiddos [...]


Tuesday So Far

My effort to “Add, Not Subtract” and be healthier overall is going well!  It’s really easy to make small changes in this mindset because the small changes seem to add up fast.  Last night, I went on a 3 mile run with Brandi!  And did 150 ab moves in front of the TV later.  I [...]


Sunday Funday

Yesterday, we hit the road for a spontaneous adventure – we went to the zoo! Actually, let’s back up.  First, I woke up feeling incredibly rickety and sore, so I went to a basic yoga class at my gym and stretch everything out – lots of hip openers.  Oh yeahhhh. I have decided that I [...]


Add, Not Subtract Week–Again!

First – what I did this weekend! On Saturday, we put in our dues at Henry’s school and scrubbed bathrooms, painted hallways, and wiped dried glue off little chairs for three hours.  Whew.  It was actually pretty fun – afterwards, the parents and kids came together for a big pot luck!  I brought Santa Fe [...]


Coconut Oil Chocolate

Hi and Happy Thursday! First of all, I have a MILLION Books a Week to review for you.  Okay – not a million.  If I had a million, I would be far past done with Book a Week!  But I do have a few completed books that have been gathering dust on my nightstand, and [...]


So Long, Summer {Raspberry Spritzer}

Yesterday, I was suddenly struck by the fact that… SUMMER IS OVER (well, not technically, but you know what I mean – end of August, back-to-school, etc).  Where did the summer go?!  I had a great time but – man – that went fast.   I am operating in “one more summer experience!” mode now.  [...]


3 Things Tuesday

First thing first – I’m going to see my friend’s new baby today!  So excited to shower that baby with love – and momma with food.  My personal rule is to never show up to a new mom’s house without a dish, and I always bring Santa Fe Casserole.  It’s always a hit. I made [...]


You guys know that I love my tea – and today, I have an awesome giveaway for you! Celestial Seasonings has unveiled a fresh new look and feel, including completely redesigned tea boxes and a new logo.  They didn’t lose the key elements for which the brand’s packaging is known (that wonderful art!) but now [...]


Playing Hookie

I confess. I totally played hookie yesterday…  I really needed a mental health day.  So I left the kids with the sitter and did fun things ALL BY MYSELF.  It was weird, quiet, and glorious… But then I really started to miss everyone and raced home.  Funny how that happens, huh?    Anyway – I [...]


Random Updates

Workouts I’ve had a weird time recovering from my Olympic triathlon.  It’s been well over a week and I still don’t feel recovered.  I know I was undertrained – but this is ridiculous.  I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of strength training but am so sore.  Since the race, I did 1/2 [...]


Maggie’s Birthday

Hi guys!  It’s Maggie here.  The big human told me that I could tap out a post with my paws today.  Oh, wait – what was that?  Did you hear that?  I’m going to BARK BARK BARK BARK to scare it away.  AHHH!  BARK BARK BARK BARK.  Hmmm.  Actually, there was nothing there.  I’m going [...]

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