But first… I wrote an article called “10 Things I Learned After 1000 Days of Parenting” and I’d love for you guys to check it out!  It’s all about how the Husband and I parent together without wanting to kill each other.  Hah.  All joking aside, you probably know what I’m talking about…


Now, onto those fitness questions!


Can you tell me about your hiking backpack?


Our hiking backpack is a Snugli, and I bought it on consignment when Henry was little for about $30.  Sadly, I can’t find it for sale online anymore, but this one seems similar.  But here’s what I like about my Snugli:  it has a fold-in kickstand in the back, so you can put the baby in it on the ground and then safety put it on yourself.  There are straps to keep the baby from falling out if you leaned over.  And it’s pretty comfortable, even for long hikes, because it has a thick waist strap and a chest strap.  The shoulder straps are super padded.  The thing that I really like about it is there are a LOT of pockets – two big ones in the back and several small ones around the waist.  It’s easy to carry baby + multiple water bottles, food, diapers, a change of clothes, and more.  We use the hiking backpack for non-hikes, too – it’s been great in airports and on travels.


Are you still breastfeeding? How did you do that long triathlon while breastfeeding?


Easy – I pumped!  I pumped in the car at 6 AM using an inverter on the way to the race.  This was about an hour before the race started, and I pumped until I was totally empty.  When I do hard exercise, I don’t produce much milk.  My body is busy doing other things!  I’ve heard people say that hard exercise reduces your supply, but honestly, that is not exactly true for me.  It reduces my supply temporarily but goes back to normal when I’m done moving.  Because of that, I didn’t get super uncomfortable during the race.  I was working so hard for 3+ hours!  I didn’t feel the need to pump again until 11:00 – 11:30 AM. 


I notice you don’t run with a GPS watch.  Why?


I have actually become pretty anti-technology about my workouts (save for music).  I use to run religiously with a GPS watch (a Garmin) and initially loved the ability to look down and see my pace and analyze my splits after.  However, when training for a big race a few years back, I ditched the GPS watch and haven’t looked back.  At the time, I was running “slow” for me and looking down to see a big pace was constantly discouraging… Especially when I actually was working as hard as I could!  I decided that I wanted to run based on how my body felt, not what a watch said.  While I liked some aspects of the watch, it also screwed with my head and made me feel bad about workouts that I should’ve been proud of.  Remember – if you’re running, you’re lapping everyone on the couch!  The bottom line is that you don’t *need* a watch to train for a race, and it’s kind of freeing to run without it.


I did 3 dark miles this morning – I am still sore from Sunday!  Ouch. 


Today’s Question:  Do you use technology like a GPS watch for your workouts? Why or why not?



  • Julia@yogawinehappiness.com August 12, 2015, 7:02 am

    I used to run with an app so I could check my pace. It ended up stressing me out more than helping me, so I gave it up. If I’m slow, I’m slow!

  • Erin @ Recimplicity August 12, 2015, 7:30 am

    If I’m going to do a really hard workout, then I wear my heart rate monitor to push myself otherwise I’m tech-free.
    Also, we have the Kelty Pathfinder hiking backpack and love it. It also has the kickstand and a little mini pack that can be zipped to the main backpack or taken off. Our ten month old has been loving it!

  • Erica {Erica@EricaDHouse.com} August 12, 2015, 7:48 am

    I run (mainly walk) now with just a HR monitor because I’m pregnant and want to keep an eye on it. I used a Garmin for every run pre-pregnancy and also started to get discouraged by it.

  • Dietitian Jess August 12, 2015, 8:22 am

    I just started wearing a GPS watch recently because I wanted to PR and found that if I don’t have a clue how fast I’m going I wont push myself… however I only wear it occasionally for training runs… I totally agree about the discouraging feelings when you aren’t hitting your goal though so I try not to wear it all the time.

  • Kate August 12, 2015, 9:15 am

    What you said about not using technology rings true for me! I was addicted to my Fitbit for over a year, obsessing about beating my step goal each day. But certain exercises, like teaching barre classes or swimming laps, didn’t get me very many steps, and I would get discouraged. My Fitbit stopped working about a month ago, and now I don’t feel obligated to getting that perfect number of steps. If I swim or cycle or teach barre I know that I got a good workout regardless of how many “steps” it gave me.

  • Laura August 12, 2015, 9:25 am

    Since getting pregnant I am 100% technology free. I don’t care about my times for swimming, biking, or running and am just concerned about moving. My dr really stressed me out about my HR getting too high in the beginning when I was running and it was messing with my head so I quit using one so I wouldn’t be too stressed out and just go by how I feel instead.

    Before getting pregnant I liked to use my Garmin for bike rides to know distance/pace. For most of my runs I would go w/o a Garmin as I liked to just go by feel vs. what the clock said (like you) and I discovered when doing races that my race pace (I’d use a Garmin while racing) was actually lower this way. I think I would psych myself out on a training run if I was a fast pace and think I was getting tired! It helps that I know all my running routes by heart so I don’t need a Garmin to tell me when I’ve hit 3 miles as I have plenty of 2, 3, 4, and 5 mile loops around my neighborhood.

  • Grace @ Diary of a Running Sna August 12, 2015, 9:41 am

    I actually just started using a GPS watch (TomTom Sport) a few months ago. I am dying to run a sub 2:00 half marathon and find that without knowing my pace, I don’t push myself hard enough to hit the right pace. During easy or fun runs I ditch the watch though, because like you said, it is so easy to get addicted to the numbers!!

  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul August 12, 2015, 9:57 am

    I don’t run with a GPS watch, but my husband uses his phone GPS to map out a 5k for us so I guess it’s similar.

  • Caitlin August 12, 2015, 10:04 am

    I absolutely love your outlook on working out- and always have. I’ve been technology free for a long time now- I occasionally think about charging my Garmin but then forget and I just don’t care. My times are no where near where they use to be, but it really just doesn’t matter anymore! I’m getting out there, and that’s what counts!

  • AC August 12, 2015, 10:23 am

    I just started running again postpartum (3 short runs so far) and I’m really struggling with supply impact. All 3 times I’ve come back and not had enough milk, but then it’s fine later on. So happy to hear your situation- that might be me too! I hope so, otherwise I feel like I can’t run until she weans.

    How did you figure out you weren’t seeing an permanent effect on your milk supply?

    • Caitlin August 12, 2015, 10:49 am

      Here’s what I would do… I would usually have a back up bottle in the fridge or freezer, and if I got back from my run and my supply was too low to satisfy demand (definitely offer boob first, because that’s how you create supply), then I would give the bottle. You could also pump a little after the baby takes the bottle to drive up that supply again, but I find that it’s often unnecessary.

      • AC August 12, 2015, 11:07 am

        I think I’ll definitely do that next time. I never expected supply to be so finicky. It’s hard not to stress about it, even though overall, nursing going great for us. I get so nervous that I’m going to screw it up somehow. (Hello, new mom anxiety.)


        • Caitlin August 12, 2015, 11:10 am

          Understandable. It’s very hard emotionally sometimes to be the one food source!

  • kwithme August 12, 2015, 10:31 am

    I no longer run with a GPS because:
    – My garmin won’t hold a charge anymore and I have not replaced it.
    – I stress fractured both feet 2 years ago and I don’t run as hard/fast
    I know that I would get all wrapped up in trying to improve my pace if I had a GPS recording things again. I really need to listen to my body so I am doing that. I use my phone for music or podcasts when I am running/walking but I don’t count that. I had a bunch of routes before I hurt myself, so I know the distances that work for me. If I am planning a new route, I just do it on my computer.

  • Dottie (@crazyfitmommy) August 12, 2015, 11:13 am

    I don’t run with a watch, but I use the Map My Run app on my iPhone. I just use it so I don’t have to pre-measure my routes though, I don’t track my splits or anything. I’m still really slow post baby, so I’d probably go nuts with something high tech enough to make me realize how truly slooooow I am. 😛

  • Julie August 12, 2015, 11:41 am

    GREAT parenting article, Caitlin!!! You have some really great tips in there. My fiance & I read the Five Love Languages book together a few months ago & both found it really interesting & helpful.
    I don’t use a Garmin either for the same reasons – I would just end up being too critical of myself. Also, it’s not my goal to run a certain pace… usually it’s accomplishment enough for me to just finish! 😛

  • mindy @ just a one girl revolution. August 12, 2015, 1:15 pm

    I use my Garmin more for distance than pace these days – I’ll often use Washi tape to cover up the pace/time part of the screen, so I can only see distance. I’ll check the time stuff once I’m done.

  • Breanne August 12, 2015, 2:14 pm

    I’ve actually been considering getting a Garmin or tracker of some sort, to see pace or steps without having to get my phone out. It was great to see your perspective and I could see that being the case for me too. I think I’ll stick with an app that just gives me snippets every mile (or what I did with my 8-miler, I ran Nike+ on my phone and listened to music on my iPod – I could see pace and splits after the race, but didn’t have the nagging while racing :)).

  • Amanda August 12, 2015, 3:02 pm

    I run with fitbit… mainly because I’m friends with a lot of people I coach on fitbit, and we have challenges against each other pretty much every day! I do keep track of my distance and pace with runkeeper on my phone, but I use it more as a record- I dont often look at it when I run- I use it more to see if I’m getting faster over time, as one of my current goals is to run a sub 24 minute 5k! 😀

  • Jennifer August 12, 2015, 9:55 pm

    Have you ever thought to write a life hacks post? You always have such great ideas for improving daily tasks and making things more efficient/effective — I would love to see a round up. Congrats on your race!

  • Alison August 16, 2015, 7:10 am

    Whenever necessary, especially on training, I run with an app to track down my progress. But sometimes, I just want to take a “serene” jog- the kind where you just want to feel your pace, listen to soothing music and connect with nature. I love that. 🙂

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