March 2013

Magazine Tip Off

Seriously… how do I accumulate so much STUFF?  I end up de-cluttering about twice a year or so, and it’s still not enough to keep the pile of crap entirely at bay (especially now that we have a kid).  I use three techniques to keep clutter to a minimum… at least for a few months!  [...]


Yay and Nay

Nay:  Not only was I stuck in the middle seat for both of my flights, but on flight #1, I sat next to a Stage 5 talker (you know – the kind that ignores subtle and not-so-subtle hints that you want to be left alone), and on flight #2, I was stuck next to a [...]


3 Workouts for a Speedy 5K

Ready to talk speed?  But first… here’s what I’ve been up to the in last 18 hours or so. I was in the Cincinnati area to speak at Northern Kentucky University about Operation Beautiful.  The presentation went well!  I was surprised that so many students came out because the weather was quickly turning from bad [...]


10 Flashback Posts

Fun fact: I’ve written 4,283 posts since I started this blog.  Well, I guess we can make that count 4,284 now!  Sometimes, really great posts just get lost in the archives, so it’s fun for me to flip through my favorite oldies but goodies and share the most memorable.  Here are 10 random old posts [...]


Healthy Travel? Workin’ On That

I said yesterday that my travel goal for this week was to eat healthy and workout regularly. Yesterday was a bit of mixed bag. I had French fries and Sour Patch Kids for dinner (which, while delicious, made me feel super blood sugary and grouchy), but Tina and I had a great workout. We headed [...]


Have I got a fun giveaway for my fellow Carolinians!   The Ramblin Rose event series is really something to get EXCITED about. The events, which take place throughout North and South Carolina, are designed to be fun, inspiring, and accessible.  The races and triathlons are exceedingly well-run, the swag is great, and the atmosphere [...]


Speaking at Salem State

Hello, beautiful Boston! Look who I found in the great state of Massachusetts… Murphy the pug. Oh, and Tina, too! Boston colleges sure seem to love Operation Beautiful – I’ve been to the city so many times for so many presentations.  And every time I come, I get to stay with Tina, which is always [...]


8.5 Months Old: Baby Gear We Love

Other Baby Gear Posts:  Newborn Baby Gear and 4.5 Month Old Baby Gear Toys and Books -  Henry loves to play, so I’m always looking for fresh ways to keep his mind engaged. We do a lot of games like peek-a-boo and “I’m gonna get you.” We make forts out of pillows, and I set [...]


Should You Buy a USAT Membership?

For any race that you do, you have to sign a waiver.  For a triathlon, you have to purchase a membership to the USA Triathlon association in addition to signing a waiver.  You have the option to either purchase an annual membership or buy a one-day pass. Side note: my favorite part of the triathlon [...]


Mushrooms Two Ways

I’ve had a few requests for a quick post on how to cook mushrooms – so here you go! I used portabello stuffing mushrooms (basically, medium sized bellas). Your first option is pan-frying the ‘shrooms.  What I really like to do with mushrooms is to fry them with a little bit of soy or tamari [...]


Snow Run

Heeeey.  I thought Charlotte’s spring had arrived.  Guess I was wrong! (I always blow the white flowers off these things when I see ‘em – but couldn’t because they were too icy!)   It’s clichéd to complain about baby sleep, but man – last night was rough. Henry is usually so good (thanks, sleep training!), [...]


Friday Thoughts

Thought #1: I recently saw an ad for a FOAM RUN.  This is like a mud run but with foam.  Between all the obstacle courses and strongman challenges, what will they link of next?!  (Image Source) Speaking of crazy runs, check out:  Obstacle Runs ---> Are They Safe? and 10 Wacky, Tacky, and Insane Races.  [...]

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