March 2013

What Does 5 Ounces of Wine Look like?

When you bottle feed your baby, your entire life revolves around ounces.  I don’t think I really understood what a fluid ounce looked like before I had Henry – and was constantly filling up bottles. The other day, I was writing a freelance piece on what qualifies as a ‘healthy’ amount of wine.  Alcohol can [...]


Veggie Tacos

I’ve been trying to be more creative in the kitchen.  I think daylight savings time is having a positive impact on my cooking!  When it’s cold and dark out, all I can muster is cereal for dinner – or a microwavable meal.  Now that it’s lighter, later, I’m getting a second wind when it comes [...]


Going Bald for St. Baldrick’s

Hello! My name is Kathleen, and I’ve been an HTP follower for a few years.  I was especially intrigued by Caitlin’s The Naked Face Project (when she gave up makeup, shaving, and all forms of primping for sixty days). I keep it very basic in my own routine; I wear a ponytail most of the [...]


It’s Pajama Time

Apparently, we are the kind of people who go to the grocery store in our pajamas. At least Henry looks cute in his footed onesie!  I just look like a trainwreck momma. We were publicly embarrassing ourselves for a good cause – fresh fruit!  And Nutella. One of the hotels that I stayed in last [...]


Mexican Quiche Cornbread

I made this dish this afternoon while Henry was eating his lunch.  It was cooling on the stovetop when my dad stopped by, and he immediately said, “I wish I didn’t eat lunch already – what is that?! It looks great.” Oh, and it was!   Another variation on my beloved Quiche Cornbread – this [...]


Four Burning Bike Questions

I am feeling really good about training lately.  Ironman March is motivating me to seriously mix up my workouts, so I always look forward to exercise.  My muscles hurt in so many new ways, too!  I took yesterday off (Sunday’s back-to-back run and swim did me in), and today, I went to spin class. While [...]


Perfect Picnic

Charlotte is experiencing a bout of sunny spring weather.  It’s perfect outside – warm but not hot, breezy but not too windy.  Spring has sprung in the South! We took an hour off in the middle of the day to have a picnic and play at the park.  We’ve been to the park for the [...]


Blood Sweat and Cheers {Giveaway}

This is the best HTP Giveaway EVER – you could win a bike or a Lululemon gift card! This giveaway is hosted through Blood Sweat and Cheers (BSC).  BSC is a fun-loving email newsletter packed with off-the-wall activities, fitness events, workouts, and other ways to make the everyday more interesting.  Each day, readers can look [...]



Goal of the day – check.  I did a back to back run/swim this morning.  I started things off with two miles on the treadmill in 18:20 minutes: And then I swam 1,000 yards in 25 minutes. My beloved Splish Suit <3   What day of the week do you reserve for your long workouts?  [...]


2:00 AM – I hear Henry crying on the monitor.  We follow a sleep training plan pretty religiously, but I can tell the difference between “wah, wah, I’m awake and shouldn’t be” and “Mommmma! I need you!”  It’s a “I need you” wail, so I go upstairs, change him, give him a bottle, and we [...]


From Snow to Sun

Wahoo! Back home again.  And this time, it’s for a while. Henry learned lots of new tricks while I was gone.  He can stand up from a squatting position really well now.  And whenever he sees Maggie or James, he always shouts out “DAH!”  I love that dog is his first word!    Getting out [...]


Gluten-Free Goodies

When I first found out that I needed to stop eating gluten, I was so sad. I thought my new diet would be terrible and that I would miss cake, bread, pasta, and beer so much.  In reality, it’s really not that bad (or hard) once you get used to it. That’s because many foods [...]


The Best Whole Foods Hot Bar Is In…

Cranston, Rhode Island. At least in my humble opinion!   Hello from Connecticut!  I’m in New England yet again for another Operation Beautiful presentation.  If you’re keeping score, that means I was in Boston on Monday, Cincinnati on Tuesday, Charlotte on Wednesday, and now I’m in New Haven!  Whew.  It’s been a fun week. I [...]


Ironman March Check-In: Week 1

Check out the original Ironman March post for a printable training plan so you can follow along, too!  It’s not too late to start – you can always make it Ironman March + One Week in April. Today concludes the first week of the Ironman March challenge – my mission to swim, bike, and run [...]

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