November 2012

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Per Thanksgiving tradition… There’s no better use of leftover pumpkin pie than putting a slice on top of banana oats.  Trust me. How are you using leftovers today?  Leftovers are my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  <3   Anyone going shopping on Black Friday?  I think I will avoid the malls this year and do most [...]


Thanksgiving 2012

First Thanksgiving in our own home. Henry’s First Thanksgiving ever. First Thanksgiving that I’ve been in charge of from start to finish. And I didn’t burn a single dish!  A Thanksgiving miracle. I followed our Thanksgiving menu to the letter.  I made a lot of stuff last night, and for the dishes that I had [...]


Chores, Tackled

James helped with the shopping… Maggie helped with the laundry… Pippa helped with… well, Pippa was lazy. I feel you, Pip.   I am flying through my pre-holiday chores.  I’ve still got to do all the floors (ugh) and tidy the kitchen, but I decided that scrubbing the kitchen would be a waste of time [...]


Fall Flavors

First things first:  Have you ever had delicata squash? Angela from Oh She Glows recently wrote about this squash and said it was delicious, but I was sold when she remarked that you don’t have to peel it.  A SQUASH YOU DON’T HAVE TO PEEL? I’m there!  I hate peeling squash.  But this squash’s skin [...]


Soulutions: Sexual Assault and Self-Worth

Many of the Soulutions posts may be triggering to some readers, as we’re going to discuss topics like abuse, assault, divorce, etc.  These topics are much more heavy than we normally talk about on HTP, so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up to proceed with caution.  I don’t think we should ever [...]


Thanksgiving Menu

On the hunt for some new servings bowls, I headed to Home Goods (the interior design version of Marshalls – you must go if you haven’t been!).  I really wanted to hit up Goodwill or a consignment store – it would’ve been so much cheaper – but ran out of time.  Maybe next year.    [...]


Goldieblox + One Note at a Time

This is such a great idea for little girls; I just had to share.   In other news… sitting on my desk is my real, legit, published copy of my new Operation Beautiful book, One Note at a Time (!!!!!), which is geared towards 8 – 14 year old girls.  I can’t wait to show [...]


Milestones, milestones.  So many milestones. My little man is now 5 months (and a week…) old.  I can hardly believe it – but I say that every month, don’t I?  It’s just amazing how fast time passes and how quickly children grow.  But in so many ways, it just keeps getting better and better.    [...]


Gobble Gobble Monday

Good morning.  Happy Thanksgiving week! So much to say…   First things first:  I had an excellent weekend in terms of my half marathon training.  I did find myself running yesterday at sunset in a desperate attempt to squeeze in one last workout before the week was up! I broke my personal #1 rule of [...]


Gimme Cranberries

Ready, set, go. How’s your Sunday?  Ours is going well – slowly but surely.  We’ve got a work meeting, but otherwise, the day is ours.  I think a run and baby proofing are on the agenda…   Last night, I made a huge batch of pancakes for dinner, and it was so tasty, that I [...]


Greenway My Way

I declare this weekend “Run a New Trail” weekend. I am definitely a runner of habit.  I love to do the same course, over and over again, and it takes me about two months longer to get bored than most.  I actually LIKE knowing what’s next.  But I think I’ve reached my personal limit with [...]


Busted 5K

I had plans to run Charlotte’s famous Thunder Road race this morning, but I woke up to the sounds of a sick baby on the monitor.  Instead of pulling on my sneakers, I headed upstairs to give Henry lots of cuddles and kisses – this is his first cold.  Poor buddy.  He seemed sleep deprived [...]


Kale Sludge

Some of us are crawling (almost)… Some of us are running.    I had a lovely run this morning.  I did 4.5 miles, about 0.5 mile longer than my goal per my training plan.  This week hasn’t been so great in terms of my training… I really did emotionally re-commit last week, but the past [...]


The Perfect Running Jam

Good morning. Same old breakfast, different day.  Still tasty though. Eggs, Soy Chorizo (from Trader Joe’s), tomatoes, and fried polenta.  Yum.  Oh, and a huge cup of the TJ’s Christmas blend coffee. Run, Run, Run   Guess who is Women’s Running magazine’s new Blogger on the Run?  Meeeeee.  Check out the post, in which I [...]

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