June 2010

Goodbye, Royal Thai

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably know that my favorite restaurant in the whole world is Royal Thai.   Slow mo run with open arms: The Husband feels the same way.  How can you NOT love Royal Thai?  The food is superb, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is [...]


I have trouble with blog post titles sometimes.  :)   Part One: My Aching Back. Guess you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done the No More Trouble Zones workout DVD since Saturday!  Well, the truth is that I threw out my back on Sunday lifting heavy boxes and then made it worse on Tuesday by [...]


Important Sports

The overpowering smell of paint in my bedroom forced me to relocate to the living room in the middle of the night. Wait.  Now my bed is blog ready.  :) Not only did it hurt me to lay in the toxic-smelling room (the Husband was out of town on business), but I kept thinking of [...]


Bulk Up Your Pasta

3.5 hours later, my formerly blue bedroom is yellow, and we’ve got that much more money back on our security deposit.  Wahoo!   The quest to eat away my fridge and pantry continues!  I killed off chips + salsa while painting: And then I pulled some cheese and spinach ravioli out of the back of [...]


Paint, Paint, Paint

Healthy Ashley came over to help me paint my bedroom back from pretty sky blue to blah apartment yellow (I have to do it to get my security deposit back).  We’re trying our best to do a good job!  :) … Instead, we’ve just ended up with paint all over ourselves. Nice.   Took a [...]


Go Out and Get Busy

Dear Megan: Thank you for being the best running buddy a girl could ask for. Thanks for always making me encouraging me to wake up early to get our run on.  I’ll never forget the 500 + miles we’ve run together since meeting a year ago!  Thanks for being willing to take walking breaks and [...]


Speedwork Survival

Today was my first day of speedwork per my Speedy 5K training plan.  Not going to lie – it was rough!  But I think it was so hard because I ran outside in “feels like” 97 degree weather.  Doh!   Here’s what my plan called for (400 meters = 0.25 mile; 800 meters = 0.5 [...]


Loungin’ Around

I’m really enjoying the “eat it, don’t move it” challenge because it’s forcing me to become more creative with my meals… and eat all those veggies lurking in my freezer and fridge! This hot salad included:   Arugula base Roasted 1/2 sweet potato Roasted polenta slices Roasted broccoli Drizzle of balsamic Today’s table was a [...]


Lost and Found

Benefits to moving:  You find all sorts of important stuff.  Like…   MY GLASSES. I thought I had lost my glasses in England over Christmas, somewhere in between Bath and London.  I’m actually blind as a bat without contacts or glasses (my script is nearly –5.0 in both eyes) so I searched through my suitcase [...]


Baby Steps

T-minus 5 days until moving day.   It’s like a Ghost Town up in here. Packing requires fuel.  In the form of a sample of Tostitos dip strips (which are essentially long strips of chips for maximum dippage in the dip) and salsa. Three cheers for chips and salsa! My favorite salty snack.  And hey [...]


Afternoon!  :)  My day has been filled with work, errands, and moving activities.   If you’re moving and want cheap boxes – hit up the liquor store! We’re trying to spend as little as possible during the move.  In fact, I’m anticipating that we’ll only be spending $150 $20 (just sold our bed frame and [...]


Beautiful Scars

Catching up on the weekend? Dr. Husband officially graduated.  Champagne was consumed! I created a new dinner recipe that you absolutely must try.   You  know what I noticed this morning?  The little scar from my triathlon bike crash never went away.  I think I’m stuck with it… but I kind of like it! Side [...]


Vegetable Pasta Salad

I’ve been racking my brains for some new recipes (well, specifically non-dairy recipes since the Husband is pretty hardcore right now).  And I think I finally have a great one for you.  Plus, it’s super simple (as always)… I bet you already have most of these ingredients on hand! This great pasta salad is warm [...]


No More Furniture

I’m currently blogging on my subwoofer.  We’re slowly selling off all of our furniture.  In fact, we might be losing our couch at 2:30! We’re in serious packing mode.  Although we don’t move until next Sunday, we want to be CALM and RELAXED next week.  We’re trying to get most of it done today and [...]