April 2010

Puppy Bed to 5K, Continued

Cue: Long, sad puppy sighs; restless legs; and looking forlornly out the window. Time to take James out on a run!   As mentioned, I’m trying to use the Galloway Method to train James into a running pup.  We go for long walks two or three times a week, and we do walk/run intervals to [...]


On Careers

WOAH!  I guess I was tired because after I posted breakfast, I collapsed back in bed and slept for almost FOUR HOURS.  Traveling and the stress of presentations sure takes a lot out of me, I guess!   I woke up and had some fruit.  I love just eating half of a melon.  It requires [...]


The Lotto Game

I was up early to drive my friend Harry to the airport.  His sister just had a baby girl (named Addison)!  Super exciting.   I made us bowls of oatmeal before we left: My oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup water 1 sliced banana Toppings: Grape Nuts, cinnamon, strawberries [...]


Keep Calm and Ride On

One last bike ride before my big Metric Century on Sunday!  Not going to lie, I am very nervous about Sunday’s event.  I figured the only thing that would help my nerves was to actually get on the bike. But… I must admit, after traveling all morning, it took a lot of effort to drag [...]


Goal Getter

Hello from the air!  :)  I’m blogging from the friendly skies.  Apparently, AirTran does not offer free Wifi anymore, but I’m willing to cough up $4.99 to be connected to the rest of the world.   This morning was a whirlwind of driving from Williamsport to Harrisburg, returning my rental car, and searching the airport [...]


A Healthy Hotel Breakfast

After last night’s presentation, I came back to the hotel, took a bubble bath, and then crashed hard.  Because I normally share a bed with the Husband and two dogs, having a king sized hotel bed all to myself felt so… luxurious!  I don’t think I woke up once.   Good morning, Williamsport! I did [...]


Operation Beautiful at PCT

The presentation at Pennsylvania College of Technology went so well!  I am relieved and excited.  Lots of women – and men – turned up, and people were talkative.  Rewind a bit…   I took a nap this afternoon and then went in search of food.  So many people recommended Wegman’s hot and cold bar, so [...]


Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

Welcome to Williamsport! It’s been a bit of a mission!  :)   I had a very interesting flight – I sat next to a woman who is a registered dietician and works for a regional grocery store chain.  I peeked at her laptop and saw she was prepping for a presentation on social media and [...]


Off to Pennsylvania!

Morning!  I’m off to Pennsylvania this morning for a big Operation Beautiful presentation in Williamsport.   I am actually flying into Harrisburg and then driving about 80 miles north to Williamsport.  The event is open to the public, so if you’re in the area, check out the details here.   I had a bowl of Grape [...]


Not Chump Change

Hello there! Ears: The better to hear Mommy opening a bag of chips with.   Today was a good – but busy – day.  I’m leaving for Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the morning for an Operation Beautiful presentation.  I spent the day doing prep work and packing.   It’s my eternal quest to drop the “All [...]


Waiting on the UPS Man

I’m waiting for the UPS man to make a very special delivery – a Netbook, my (early) birthday present from the Husband!  Well, technically I bought it for myself on BestBuy.com and told the Husband not to buy me anything else.  :)  Yes, I have two weeks until my birthday, but who’s counting?    A [...]


A Perfect Place

Catching up on weekend posts? I ran an epic 15K. I’m plotting to run 3 more races in the next two weeks to achieve a goal of 26 races by my 26th birthday on April 26.   The sun is shining, the coffee is hot, the wienerschnitzel is snoring…  It’s a typical Monday morning in [...]


Kodiak Cake Brownies

Evening!  I felt unusually tired all morning, and my legs were quite sore from the 15K, so I decided to call it a rest day.  I had planned to do a bike ride, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  That’s one of the primary reasons I make up my own training plans – I [...]


26, 26, 26

Too big for a spatula! I used a plate to flip this HUGE oatmeal pancake.  It threatened to crumble on me! My oatmeal pancake contained:   3/4 cup oatmeal 2 tablespoons almond milk 1 egg 1/4 cup canned pumpkin Cinnamon and nutmeg 2 pinches of baking powder   And I topped it with maple butter, [...]