February 2010

Savory Pancakes and Caffeine Confession

Today is National Pancake Day, and since I missed pancakes for breakfast, I figured I’d make some for lunch.   Introducing… Savory Pancakes!  I don’t know how my brain came up with this recipe.  I know the ingredients look strange, but trust me – it was SOOO delicious. The Savory Pancakes pack a veggie, protein, [...]


Meter Maid

Hello! :)  I went to the gym this morning to get my swim on, and look who I found in the pool: Ryan! She’s such a sweet person.  :)    I hopped into the lane next to Ryan’s and mentally prepared myself for my longest swim to date… 1,650 meters!  My race distance is 1,500 [...]


Update Regarding Raffle

The Garmin 305 Raffle is currently on hold while I resolve an issue with PayPal.  Hopefully, the issue will be sorted out soon… PayPal is quite helpful so I bet it won’t be an problem!   Don’t worry – if you already entered, your donation is fine, and the raffle is proceeding forward.   Thank [...]


Rest Day Monday

MANY thanks to everyone who entered or tweeted/blogged about the Garmin 305 Raffle for the Livestrong Foundation.  I really appreciate it!  You have until Thursday to enter the raffle.   I had a VERY busy work day, which worked out well because it’s also a rest day.  I had an absolutely insane training schedule last [...]


Garmin 305 Raffle for the Livestrong Foundation

** The Raffle is currently on hold while I resolve an issue with PayPal.  Sorry! **   For my marathon, I decided to work with Team in Training to raise money for blood cancer research.  I did this in honor of my friend Megan from college, who was recently re-diagnosed with leukemia.  Thanks to the [...]


Does Pumpkin Freeze Well?

Missed some weekend posts? I did a 10.0 mile trail run with Meghann  I also did a 26.2 mile bike ride   Good morning!  Today was the day to see if my frozen pumpkin chunks experiment worked.   If you remember, last week I froze globs of canned pumpkin and then placed the globs in a [...]


I Spy With My Little Eye…

An alligator! What, you can’t see him?   There he is! He’s a big boy – easily 5 feet.   I had a glorious 26-mile bike ride this morning.  I’m beginning to work on extending my long rides about 5 to 10 miles a week in preparation of my upcoming Century (100 miles!).   Megan, [...]


NEDA Week Kick-Off

Good morning!  I’m on a long bike ride, but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you…   Today kicks off the beginning of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  NEDA is dedicated to providing education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders. Operation Beautiful is a featured organization for NEDA Week.  In [...]


Ice It Down

Evening!  My legs feel pretty good after our 10.0 mile trail run!  Just to be safe, I iced down my knees and feet per my usual.    Icing helps SO much for soreness… I would love to do an ice bath, but that would involve 1) scrubbing my bath tub and 2) sitting in a [...]


Epic Trail Run

Meghann and I had such a good time on our trail run today!  The weather was gorgeous.  I love knowing I’m deep in the woods, with no civilization around for miles.  From the park’s website:  “The largest of Orange County's parks, Moss Park is an oasis of nature well secluded from the encroaching development of [...]


Tips for Trail Running

I’m heading out the door for a 10+ mile (hopefully) trail run with Meghann.  I LOVE TRAIL RUNS. I am one of those people who NEED nature.  I could never, ever live in a concrete jungle like New York City.  I need trees and water and fresh air.   Trail runs are beautiful… Trail runs [...]


Five Guys and Fries

Thank you for all your sweet comments on The Real Deal with Fat Talk.  So many interesting thoughts!  It really helped me, too.   So, this afternoon I did a double swim – run workout with Ryan and Megan. (I wear a cap when I swim, but I was done swimming and put the googles [...]


The Real Deal with Fat Talk

It’s been a slow, but productive, Friday morning over in Caitlinland!    I can tell the interns are bored… maybe I should break free for a half an hour or so and take Maggie and James on a walk. My tummy has been off all morning, but I prepared a delicious lunch and my appetite [...]


Olympic Drinking Games and a Green Monster

My brother-in-law (Nick) ended up coming over last night, and we decided to watch the Olympics and play a drinking game (don’t worry, I only had one beer! It was a short game): We watched the half pipe, and every time a snowboarder would fall, we’d drink: Snowboarders fall a LOT!  :)   Nick told [...]

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