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YAWN-O! Back in Orlando and sitting on the couch… it feels so good! I missed our dogs SO much (they stayed with the neighbor).

One of the best things about my future in-laws is that they are really health-conscious (and vegetarian). Future Husband’s stepfather is a holistic doctor and has written several books. We have really interesting conversations about the energetic property of foods and their effect on the body’s organs, the impact of diet on the Human Body Field (basically the Chinese meridians), and loads of other interesting topics that Western medicine would probably never touch with a 10-foot pole! It’s definitely eye-opening!

Dinner – Healthy BBQ Feast

I know I said I wasn’t very hungry for dinner, but once I saw this amazing, healthy feast… my tummy started to RUMBLE!

My serving included: 1/2 baked potato (with a smidgen of butter), a huge salad with tons of raw veggies (no dressing), 3 oz. BBQ-ed Mahi Mahi , and BBQ-ed corn on the cob (no butter).
One not-so-great thing about visiting my in-laws is that they always have a bottle of wine uncorked. Even though I had to drive back home and I knew the wine would make me a little sleepy, I had 1/2 glass of white wine (Future Husband’s brother drank 1/2 of what I poured). It was a really nice, crisp Chardonnay. Don’t worry– I slammed a coffee before the drive home!

The in-laws also have an intense love of condiments. Their fridge is overflowing with jars of jam, dip, spreads, salsas…. it’s condiment heaven. Halfway through my meal, I poured some delicious lemon caper sauce over my Mahi-Mahi, which was a-ma-zing (but full of fat)! It was worth the extra calories.

And, of course, no feast is complete without dessert. There were two pies, and I couldn’t decide which one to sample–so I had small slices of both. Also–totally worth it. One was a cheesecake cherry pie, and the other was fresh strawberries in a glaze.

The Human Race

Tomorrow (August 31) is the Nike+ Human Race. This event will be the “ultimate runner experience.” By combining the digital running world with the physical, the Nike+ Human Race is open to anyone, anywhere. Nike is hosting 10k race events in 25 cities around the world, but by logging into, every city and every road can become a race-day course.

If you don’t live in a race city, just sign up at to participate and run in your city. Simply use Nike + iPod or Nike+ SportBand to track your miles on race day and then download miles on to have your results officially counted as part of the race.

Now, I don’t have a Nike+ thingie for my iPod, so I can’t log my miles, but in the spirit of the event, I’ll be running a 10k tomorrow morning! I encourage everyone to get out there and run! Even if you can’t do a 10k, go for as long or as far as you can. Use Google Earth to plot your run, and let me know how you did!

Have fun! Sleep tight.



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