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Good morning! I always feel like I’m on vacation when I visit the in-laws. They own a gorgeous home in Palm Coast, a small beach town. The home is within an amazing master-planned community that actually had the foresight to protect a few hundred acres as a wilderness preserve. The preserve backs up to the intercoastal waterway, and the trail is right against the shoreline.

On a tortuously long run, it’s quite pleasurable to look at the water on one side and million-dollar homes on the other. It keeps my mind occupied! 🙂

I woke up at 7:00 AM and had a quick pre-run snack and coffee. I had WW toast and blackberry jam. I felt hungry around mile 5.0–I think PB is a much better topper for toast, although the jam was preeeeeeeetty delicious.

Future Husband and I are planning to go for a walk later, and I’ll take pictures of my running route because it’s simply too beautiful not to share. The first 0.5 mile is through a neighborhood, the next 1.0 mile is on a dirt path within the preserve, another section is on a boardwalk, and then the next 2.0 miles is next to the huge mansions. The remainder of the run is along the golf course.

There is just so much to look at; the time just flew by! Around mile 5.0, it started to rain a little bit, which I always consider a blessing during a run in the middle of the summer. It felt great! I saw a blue heron and a big gator, too! The gator was in the water, so I wasn’t scared. 🙂

Here are my statistics:

  • Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes (7.0 miles + 3 minute cool down)
  • Average Heart Rate: 169 bpm
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 189 bpm
  • Calories Burned: 675

Post-Run Breakfast

When I came back from my run, no one was up yet, so I jumped into the pool with all my running clothes on! It felt SO refreshing and cooled me down immediately! 🙂

I rummaged around in Future Husband’s mom’s fridge and came up with an unusual breakfast (for me!). I had 1/2 cup of strawberry yogurt and dried raspberries and blueberries. So GOOD!

I found Morning Star Meal Starter (which is faux-meat that is textured and tastes like ground turkey) and a block of cheddar cheese in the fridge. I used two eggs, 1 serving of the Meal Starter, and some cheese to make a delicious, protein-packed omlet.

I’m not usually a fan of faux-meat, but this was really good! And there are 10 grams of protein per serving. It would be delicious in tacos! 🙂

So far today, we’ve all gone in the pool, sat in the jacuzzi, and laid in the sun. The baby really liked the pool; I was pretty impressed! She’s so brave for a 6 month old. I’m not very experienced with children, but this little girl is perfection. I even fed her a bottle and held her for a while. 🙂

We’re going to have a BBQ later and then Future Husband and I will drive back to Orlando. I hope you guys are having a fabulous holiday weekend! Enjoy your Saturday!



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