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I’ve got this sticker on my computer monitor. It’s only true 1 day out of the week:


Lunch was too calorie-dense in comparison to the volume of food, and it left me feeling unsatisfied and hungry. I hate it when that happens!

I had a WW sandwich with melty cheese, leftover chicken from last night’s pasta, and spinach. On the side I had a cup of carrots. 🙂

Mid-morning Snack

I had a nice, juicy plum around 10:30…. perfection.

Today’s busy day is going to get busier:

  • Work until 5:30
  • Pack car and get dogs organized.
  • Stop for gas and cash for tolls.
  • Drive 1.5 hr to the coast to visit Future Husband’s family and meet my new niece-in-law.

We are only going for one night, but I am very excited because their community has the #1 best running trail EVER. I will take pictures for sure–it’s a glorious trail and it makes exercise so much more fun!



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