August 2008

cypress grove park and tofu meatball sammie

Just as running on the treadmill quickly gets routine and monotonous, running the same route outside gets old fast. It's nice to go somewhere new and occupy your mind as you run. In a big city like Orlando, there is always a new place to go...Since we only moved to Orlando a year ago, I'm [...]


I had a dream about cannolis (don't ask!) and woke up positively CRAVING a cream-filled Italian treat. Since we obviously don't have a supply of cannoli in the pantry, I decided to whip up a cannoli-inspired bowl of oatmeal. :)Inside-Out Pistachio Chocolate Cannoli OatmealA cannoli is a tube-shaped fried pastry dough shell with a creamy [...]


blurry monday!

Whew! What a day! It's 7:45 PM and I'm still going strong, slowly checking off things on my To Do List. I've found that I'm more likely to get my chores done if I write everything down. Since I get intense satisfaction from checking those little boxes, I write down stuff like "shower" and "cook [...]


sweet banana pilaf and speed cardio

Morning! I went to bed early last night and made it to the gym for an AM workout. I haven't done this in a while, and it felt great! Mondays are usually super busy, and I knew my workout would fall to the wayside if I left it until this evening.Since I was crunched on [...]


gnat don’t bother me

Reason # 1,040,593 NOT to run at 5:00 PM in Florida in the middle of the summer: GNATS!No, those are not little freckles. Those are bugs that died via my sweaty chest. EWWW! I went on my run before the sun had set and paid for it with little buggers ALL OVER ME! I had [...]


eat, live, run lunch!

Lunch today was so much fun! I found a new friend in Jenna from Eat, Live, Run. She's just as nice and funny in real life as you'd expect her to be from her blog. We gabbed about blogging, running, eating, boys, etc. It was fun! :)I had some sort of veggie-hummus wrap. It was [...]


sunday, sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday! I used to take a really negative approach to Sundays (like, "ughhh it's ALREADY Sunday!"), but I'm trying to be more positive in general. So--YAY Sunday! :) I started out of my morning with a big bowl of oatmeal:Kashi Pilaf is a wonderful addition to oatmeal! It gives the oatmeal [...]


means to an end

Personally, I think the difference between training for a 10k and training for a half marathon is I have to go running even when I really, really don't want to. You can get by on a 10k with blowing off some long runs, but I know I'll regret not sticking to my training schedule during [...]

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beer pancakes

Yeah--you heard me right. BEER PANCAKES!Maybe it's because I'm only 24 and still relatively young, but I love doing things I'm "not suppose to" sometimes--like eating beer pancakes for breakfast. It's so wrong, but it feels so right! :PI had been thinking about doing this ALL WEEK, but it's totally inappropriate for a weekday, so [...]


work, work!

After our run, we got down to real WORK! We went to Dandelion Communitea, a hippie/tree-hugger's dream cafe (for proof, check out the website) to use their wireless and get out of the house. Everything is vegetarian or vegan. We both had coffees with hemp milk:And we shared a hummus, cracker, carrot, and celery platter.... [...]



Future Husband and I went on a nice 5.5 mile run in Blue Jacket Park. It's the nicest park I've ever seen. Even the bathroom structures have columns, and there are beautiful palm trees everywhere: This run was one of extremes. For the first 3.0 miles, it was raining and cloudy. For the last 2.5 [...]


water, water, everywhere!

Good morning and happy Friday! Today is my flex day, which means I'm off from my full-time job. However, I just know Future Husband is going to "lay down the law" and force me to work on our side business today for several hours. I feel so lazy, but he's the boss of the business, [...]

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gym time ADD

Even the dogs are starting go to a little nuts. This rain has to stop! Can't you just hear them crying.... "let me outsideeeeeeee!"? The long-haired dachshund is my neighbor's dog. We are babysitting Dexter while she's on vacation! OK -- enough about the cute poochies... on to the workout and food! :) Pre-Workout Snack [...]

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halfway through to friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who added to the very interesting glycemic index discussion! I love to learn about the intricate ways our bodies work and how we can improve our performance with proper nutrition. The body is such a wonderful machine! We're halfway to Friday, thank goodness! Work has been productive and interesting--I learned [...]