This is the view from my absolute, #1 favorite running trail:

Before Future Hus and I got engaged, there was this one night that I realllly thought he was going to propose to me under that gazebo. I tried sending him powerful secret mind messages (“Do it…. do it….”), but it didn’t work!
Anyways, here’s the entrance to the path:

The first part goes through a wonderful nature preserve. One of the best aspects of this route is the wide variety of surfaces you get to run on. First up: packed sand!

Exiting the nature preserve, you run onto a wooden boardwalk that is adjacent to the Atlantic intercoastal. The boardwalk only stretches for a few hundred yards.

After the boardwalk is a decomposed granite trail that runs along the shoreline (I can distinguish the trail materials because I’m an urban planner…. I have an appreciation for the weirdest things when it comes to land development). On one side is the water, and on the other is the open backyards of these amazing homes.

This part of the trail goes for a few miles and then it spits you out on the the golf course, which is really lovely to run on.

I love this path so much because of the variety of things to look at… beautiful homes, wildlife, nature, people… as I’ve said many times before, it’s just more fun to run when your mind is occupied!

Lunch & Munchies

Around 11 AM, I suddenly was starving, so I had some Almond Crunch. It’s gluten free and vegan… and actually quite delicious!

We ran some errands with the family and went to the *new* SUPER TARGET. OHMIGOD. So many BARS to choose from! I think I bought 6 or 7… so you’ll be seeing loads of new products over the next few weeks or so! I was so hungry in the car, I ripped into a Kashi GoLean Chewy bar.

I tried the Chocolate Malted Crisp. Kashi claims, “The delicious chocolate coating and light malt chocolate center of this bar will remind you of your favorite malted shake.” 🙂 Pretty accurate. I felt like I was eating a CANDY BAR. It was yummy, but I don’t think I’d get this again… after all, the bar was 290 calories and had 4 grams of saturated fat. Plus, there were only 13 grams of protein— Ehh.

Around 2:30, I broke down and had a bowl of Grape Nuts + dried blueberries. I kind of feel like I already ate too much today (that Kashi bar did me in, fullness wise). I know I’m just properly re-fueling after my long run, but I just feel permanently full. Future Husband, the family, and I just went for a 45 minute walk, and I thought that would help…. but I’m not even hungry for dinner!

Alright, I’m off to help Future Mother-in-law prepare for the BBQ. See you after dinner!

I hope you all enjoyed pictures of my favorite trail! What’s your favorite run and why?



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