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8.5 Months Old: Baby Gear We Love

Other Baby Gear Posts:  Newborn Baby Gear and 4.5 Month Old Baby Gear Toys and Books -  Henry loves to play, so I’m always looking for fresh ways to keep his mind engaged. We do a lot of games like peek-a-boo and “I’m gonna get you.” We make forts out of pillows, and I set [...]


4.5 Months Old: Baby Gear We Love

This is a follow-up to my first post in the Baby Gear series:  Newborn Baby Gear.  Here’s what Henry (and I) are obsessed with as of 4.5 months.   Rainforest Jumperoo:  Henry LOVES his jumper.  When I walk by it with him in my arms, he makes motions like, “Put me in! Put me in!”  [...]


Everyone talks about how mommas-to-be experience an urge to ‘nest’ right before their baby comes – and part of this nesting phenomenon is buying baby gear.  I know that I really worried about buying all the right gadgets and gizmos – as well as the right necessities, too.  Being stocked up and supplied makes you [...]


Getting Ready for Baby

Just poppin’ in on a Sunday to say hello and share some thoughts from my weekend! The theme of this weekend has been “getting ready.”  Countdown to Little One is ON.  When I found out I was pregnant in the spring, I thought forward to autumn and the holiday season and felt like it was [...]


Little One: 30 Weeks

30 weeks.  Holy hell!  I gave birth to Henry in Week 39.  Assuming I follow the same pattern, that means that we’re in single digit week countdown mode.  <—If you could see my face right now, it’d be an combination of sheer panic and utter joy. I feel the blog has been rather baby and [...]


Little One: 22 (and a Half) Weeks

Way more than halfway there.  Time is flying.  FLYING! Here’s what I looked like with Henry at 22 weeks v. what I look like carrying Little One.  It’s fun for me to read the old Henry recaps so I can compare what I was thinking and doing then to what I’m focusing on now.  At [...]


I Had A Garage Sale

And I actually made a lot of money! So, a few week ago, I came to Kristien and said, “I think we should have a garage sale!” We had both been complaining about clutter – especially in the garage and kitchen – for a month or so.  I was also sick of opening closets and [...]


Scrambled Tofu ‘Eggs’

This weekend, the entire family (minus the cat) traveled to Tennessee to visit my mom. We had a great time! I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at packing the car. It’s so hard to jigsaw-puzzle all of our gear into the trunk. My brain just doesn’t work that way. I end up tossing [...]


Carmo at New Orleans

Unfortunately, the New Orleans weather took a turn for the winter worse today. It’s cold and dreary, and we simply aren’t prepared with the right clothes and baby gear (the forecast called for better weather, I swear). And the museums we wanted to check out are closed on Mondays!  So our day has turned into [...]


October and November Superlatives

Better late than never, right?  Here’s the best of the rest from Healthy Tipping Point in October and November.   Day in the Life: Part I, Part II, and Part III <—I am so glad Henry does not sleep like that anymore. 4.5 Months Old: Baby Gear We Love Life/Work Balance, 168 Hours: Where Does [...]


Waiting to Find Out: Boy or Girl?

I have always known that I wouldn’t want to find out my baby’s sex while pregnant.  Even when I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be surprised.   There were multiple reasons for waiting:  I liked the mystery of waiting; I thought waiting would be a good motivator during labor; and, to a [...]


Whoa, Sunday

First things first: let’s talk about The Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes. So ridiculously good.  And so ridiculously easy.  It was a nice change from the ‘usual’ baked potato or even mashed potatoes – somewhere in the middle.   A Southern-style feast for a Southern-style side dish: Stir-fry tempeh with BBQ Sauce Crash hot potatoes [...]


Baby Thrift

I love: dachshunds, swimming, Greek yogurt, running (sometimes), grilled cheese sandwiches, and cozy beds.  But I also really, really love consignment shopping.  As I’ve written about before, we’re intent on buying most baby items from thrift stores because it’s so much cheaper than retail.   Case in point: $1 onesies. The Husband is equally enamored [...]


BabyHTP: 22 Weeks

My favorite sweater is getting a bit snug…    Today, I am 22 weeks!    Want to know something crazy?  At 22 weeks, a baby is almost a pound and as long as a sheet of paper.  I showed a sheet of paper to the Husband and told him this fun little fact, and he [...]