Warm Enough for Shorts!

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I keep thinking it’s Thursday. Damn.


More fun toddler food!


Henry enjoyed deconstructing and eating his breakfast flower very much.


My breakfast was just a normal, boring breakfast.  No art!  There is only so much this mom is capable of when it’s Wednesday but she thinks it’s Thursday AND she’s out of coffee creamer.


So – about that indoor triathlon that I’m doing on the 31st.  I signed up for the long course (600 yard pool swim, 10 mile indoor bike, 3 mile treadmill run) but I’m having massive second thoughts, only because my chest is killing me… again.  Remember how it started to nag me a bit in September while I was training for the Half Ironman?  Well, the pain went away for three weeks after the race (no swimming), but then I swam twice and – TADA! – the pain is back.  Ugh.  So frustrating. I’m not sure if I’m going to:


  • Skip any form of swim training and do the long course on race day.  I can definitely ‘phone in’ 600 yards.
  • Skip any form of swim training and do the short course on race day.
  • Or see if I can skip the swim entirely on race day.


We shall see.


Until then, I’m sticking to running and biking to get ready.   I was super excited this morning because it’s actually sunny and warm (well, 50 degrees), which meant that running outside would actually be enjoyable!  I think I was pushing it a bit with shorts, though. 


Henry was comfy cozy in his pajamas and ‘jack.’  (He’s eating a peeled apple in that pic, in case you’re wondering…)


We did 3.0 miles together in about 28 minutes.  Pretty speedy with the stroller. Smile


Thought of the Day:




  • Victoria December 18, 2013, 1:44 pm

    Sounds like your pectoral muscles get tight from swimming. Try this


    • Caitlin December 18, 2013, 1:46 pm

      That stretch looks good – I’ll try it. Thanks!

  • Sarah December 18, 2013, 2:01 pm

    An indoor triathalon! That’s so fun and different!

  • Breanne December 18, 2013, 2:11 pm

    Your pretty speedy with a stroller is pretty speedy for me without a stroller – you are a rockstar 🙂 Good luck with the swim issues – ouch!

  • miggles December 18, 2013, 2:27 pm

    I think you may have mentioned this in a post before, but where did you get the desk in your office? I love it!

    • Caitlin December 18, 2013, 2:32 pm

      It’s actually the Terra dining room table from West Elm. Thanks!

  • Beks December 18, 2013, 2:44 pm

    I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday, and that today is Thursday, too! Weekend! Get here already! Everyone I talk to feels the same way. What is it about today? Are we anxious for Christmas to get here, or what? LOL

  • Elizabeth @ Positive Change December 18, 2013, 3:03 pm

    I wish it was warm enough for shorts! Henry’s breakfast looks so fun! I wish I had someone doing that for me! 🙂

  • Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties December 18, 2013, 4:45 pm

    That breakfast is awesome looking- I want to make that for myself, hah! Also, the carpet in your office looks so clean! you can definitely see vacuum tracks 🙂

  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun December 18, 2013, 7:47 pm

    I wish it was warm enough here for shorts! It is in the single digits here and FREEZING!!!

  • Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs December 18, 2013, 10:41 pm

    I can’t even fathom that it’s warm enough for shorts — it’s so cold where I live!

    Hope your chest pain goes away!

  • Mia December 19, 2013, 1:20 am

    That’s a great 3 mile time, double-y so because of the stroller. This is probably the third time today I’ve read someone saying they were happy it was around 50 for their run. I have to seriously motivate myself to run when the high is 50. Obviously I’m a total southern cold weather wimp. I love love the grass is greener quote, and have it written on the front page of my running journal. I should probably hang it all over the place right now though.

  • Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope December 19, 2013, 7:19 am

    What a neat idea with an indoor triathlon! Hope the chest pain disappears… setbacks are always frustrating, but have to listen to what your body tells you! 🙂

    I LOVE those shorts you’re wearing! What brand/style are they?

    • Caitlin December 19, 2013, 7:33 am

      They are from lulu but they are super old. Thanks!

  • Live Love Yum December 19, 2013, 8:12 am

    Hi Caitlin, have you seen a Doctor?…just as a caution. Unexplained or prolonged chest pain, cough, any symptoms unusual are always yellow/red flags and could indicate something more serious going on. Please just get a check-up, second opinion anyways?

    • Caitlin December 19, 2013, 11:52 am

      I think it’s muscular but if it doesn’t go away soon I am definitely going to get it checked out. Thank you for the concern!

  • Ashley J December 19, 2013, 10:27 am

    I don’t understand….have you developed a sensitivity/allergy to chlorine or something? Doesn’t really make sense since you’ve been a swimmer for so long, but whats that lung pain all about?? Something similar actually happened to my MIL, where she had been a long-time swimmer and suddenly developed an allergy. She had to switch gyms to one that had a salt water pool and now she’s fine. So weird!

    • Caitlin December 19, 2013, 11:51 am

      I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my rib cage area. It hurts!

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