December 2013

Weekend Snapshots

We had an excellent date night! We tried a ‘new to us’ bar in Charlotte for cocktails.  We split a wonderful cocktail while I munched on a truffle. Instead of salty peanuts, the bar had serving dishes filled with chocolates, cupcakes, and cakes – FREE!  What a great idea, right? Then, we headed to our [...]


Super Simple Holiday Card Display

It’s absolutely POURING outside, so we’re cooped up indoors (and kind of loving it).  Lots of Christmas preparations going on! I have wrapped most of our presents, addressed all of our Christmas cards, and eaten far too many of these babies. I spy a blurry Maggie photo bomb.   I’ll admit – I cried a [...]


In the first post about Healing Horses, I shared a bit about how Katie’s non-profit organization and her amazing horses help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But today, I want to talk a bit about how Healing Horses is helping the horses themselves.   Horse rescue has always been at the heart of the [...]


Indoor Tri

I moved my (rather large) desktop computer upstairs to the TV room so I can lay on the couch and work.  Soooo comfy.  Wanna come hang out and work with me? James, get out of my seat!   I’m still going strong on that salad-a-day thing. I really love this ‘goal’ because it’s such a [...]


Healing Horses

Ford is sponsoring the Ford Fiesta movement, which challenges YouTubers to ‘missions’ that range from silly to charitable and everywhere in between. This month’s theme is social activism. I was asked to participate in the movement by writing a blog post spotlighting an individual doing incredible things in her community.   I am SO THANKFUL [...]


30 Minute Cardio Interval Workout

Did I mention that we bought a robot vacuum? IT’S A ROBOT. IT’S A VACUUM. IT CLEANS YOUR FLOORS AUTOMATICALLY.  I’m pretty sure that baby can’t entirely replace real vacuums but I’m hoping this one comes pretty darn close.  With a toddler and two dogs – I spend a lot of time vacuuming… I’m over [...]


This post is brought to you by Udi’s Gluten Free. Aww. Baby Henry.   Happy Holidays! Things that I love about the holidays: time off, moments with family and friends, giving and receiving beautiful gifts, and eating all of that delicious food.  But if you're like me - gluten-free - eating holiday treats requires a [...]


BabyHTP: 18 Months

It’s time for a Henry update! This Thursday is Henry’s 18 month birthday. A year and a half. Can you believe it? I can’t.  He’ll always be BabyHTP to me, though.     Henry is such a joy. We love him SO much. I wish I could convey his personality accurately, but it’s so hard [...]


Our Weekend

Oh yeahhhhh.  What a nice weekend. Our weekend was filled with fun, food, and lots and lots of Christmas shopping. We normally do our shopping online, but this year, we decided to do it all in stores. I’m not sure why we felt compelled to do this… I had our doubts when we couldn’t find [...]


Sweet Santa, Scary Santa 2013

It’s that time of the year again!  Prepare your sweetest smiles!  Get ready to wipe away globs of snot! Last year, I hosted the first annual Sweet Santa, Scary Santa contest on the old blog.  Basically, readers send in photos of their kiddos (or furkids) with Santa Claus, entering the ‘sweet’ category (for smiles!) or [...]


Wish List 2013

Here’s a list of great items that I bought and adored or gifted to loved ones in 2013!  Plus a few goodies that I’m hoping to find underneath my tree. Happy Holidays! Kindle and this lighted cover Operation Beautiful: One Note at a Time (my book for tween-teen girls) Omega Juicer Keurig K75 Platinum <--- [...]


Here’s a Reason to Smile

Have you heard of Bitchy Resting Face (henceforth BRF)? Basically, BRF is when you look hostile or sad when you’re really just ‘resting’ your face (for men, the alternative is Asshole Resting Face).  And yes, it’s a joke.  But it’s also kind of a real thing… BFF Nicole and I constantly talk about BRF because, [...]


Perfect Running Weather

Great day for a run. <3 <3 <3 The cold snap that passed through the city is over (thank goodness). Sixty degrees and cloudy is my favorite version of winter.     Side note:  This guy’s study found that the ideal temperature for running a marathon is roughly 50 degrees.  Innnnteresting.  All I can say [...]


Recent Eats

As always – trying to include more green things in my daily eats.  Here are some of my recent meals and snacks. Veggie eggs, cranberry relish, toast. Banana with sunflower butter and chocolate chips (which were promptly all picked out by Henry – hmph). Mushrooms Over Everything Eggs with spinach, grilled mushrooms, more leftover cranberry [...]

Healthy Tipping Point