March 2013


My little secret for finding vegetarian options on the road:  iPhone maps! I just type “vegetarian” into the search bar and BAM!  I can usually find a great option within a few miles, although sometimes searching for “vegetarian” pulls up chain restaurants that aren’t truly the best vegetarian options (like Macaroni Grill or something).  But [...]


Ironman March Check-In: Week 3

Is Week 3 over already?! In my quest to run, swim, and bike the total Ironman distances over the course of a month, I did four workouts this week, including one double:   Run 4 miles Run 2 miles (speedwork) + 1,000 yard swim Run 2.5 miles Spin class   In contrast, my goals: This [...]


Garden State Love

Two LOVES for Jersey. First of all – Wawa.  Amazing. I used to be a self-proclaimed Sheetz lover, but I have firmly switched camp and now pledge my undying devotion to Wawa (they’re both competing gas stations up in the northeast).  I hesitate to even call Wawa a ‘gas station’ because it’s more like a [...]


Making It Work

I had one of those ‘Where did the time go?’ afternoons. I had a long conference call that occupied most of the morning, and by the time I put the phone down, Henry (and I!) needed lunch.  After, I went on a 2.5 mile run and discovered the note that I had written on my [...]


Gear Up

Overheard in spin class: When my instructor said that, I busted out laughing mid-pedal.  That pretty much sums up my training lately.  It’s awesome, but man, it’s a piece of work.  Worth it, though!   After much Internet-sleuthing, calendar-checking, and budget-crunching, here are the triathlons that I hope to complete this spring and summer.    [...]


As much time on the outside as on the inside – a huge milestone! Things are going so well over here.  Henry seems more and more like a boy and less like a baby every single day. When our friends come over, that’s the first thing they say – “He seems so much older!”  I [...]



Remind me to never attempt baking while Henry does pull ups on my yoga pants. Measuring is impossible, and this is the result: Dang. My Pancake Truffles (absolutely my favorite recipe of all time) were supposed to look like this: Yeah. Not so much. On a brighter note, they were still delicious and tasty!  Pretty [...]


Can’t Toss Those Old Tees? A Solution!

Where, oh where did the day go?  All I remember is leaving the house at 9:45, frantic because we were going to be late to Henry’s 9 month appointment.  But we made it!  And then we didn’t come home for nearly 7 hours. Henry’s appointment went well. Still a little squirt, but I don’t think [...]


Stopping Exclusively Pumping, Part II

For more on the topic of breastfeeding: Why I’m Stopping and Stopping Exclusively Pumping, Part I The Plan:  I detailed my plan for stopping in this post. I didn’t want to stop cold turkey (ouch), but I didn’t want the process to take forever, either.  Once I was ready to be done, I was ready [...]


Double, No Trouble

I have been waxing my eyebrows every two weeks for about 12 years – minus that 60 day period during The Naked Face Project. In all the waxes that I’ve survived – I say survived because it still hurts like hell – I have never had anyone drip wax on me.  But today, I had [...]



Baby bibs are designed with a little pocket at the bottom.  Babies drop a lot of food, of course, and the pocket catches the goodies so the bits don’t end up in their lap or on the floor. It’s always so exciting to peek into the bib at the end of the meal and discover [...]


Photo Gallery Staircase

Hi there! I sure hope you are having a more relaxing Friday than I am. I’m juggling watching Henry while trying to make three huge deadlines; therefore, I am freaking out. So I’m just popping in to say “hi!” and tell you about a little DIY project I took on a few weeks ago.   [...]


Ironman March Check-In: Week 2

How did Week 2 go for you? I did AWESOME. So proud of myself for hitting all my goals this week.   As a reminder, we’re working towards swimming, biking, and running the total distances for the Ironman triathlon over the course of an entire month.  That means the goal for this week was to [...]


If I could give new parents one piece of advice, it would be this: shop consignment!  You will save a ridiculous amount of money by buying clothes, gear, and toys used. I have bought most of Henry’s clothes and toys on consignment and saved hundreds of dollars in the process. I bought a lot of [...]