July 2012

New Mom Wishes

I wish “sleep when the baby sleeps” was as easily done as it is said.   I wish that Henry was born with a manual instead of a placenta.   I wish my dogs had opposable thumbs and could do the housework.   I wish I could gently levitate a sleeping Henry with my mind [...]


Our fourth debate of the week!  Our previous debates included: Do you acknowledge strangers when exercising outdoors?, When on a run, do you do a little jig at red lights or come to a complete stop?, and Do you secretly race others at the gym?   Today’s topic: Women’s Races. In recent years, there has [...]


Feet First

Have you ever done the arch test?  You can learn a lot about what kind of running shoe you need based solely on your wet footprint. If you can see about half of your arch, as I can, you’re a normal pronator (pronation is when your foot collapses in when it strikes the ground).  If [...]


Our series of fun workout debates continue!  Our first debate was: Do you acknowledge strangers when exercising outdoors?  Second up: When on a run, do you do a little jig at red lights or come to a complete stop?   Today’s debate will reveal your competitive nature…  The question:  When on workout equipment, swimming laps, [...]


Call It Breakfast

Oh, Henry. iFeed Baby app:  Sometimes I look back over the log from the first week of Henry’s life to remind myself that yes, it really could be worse.  Hah.   Henry - you are lucky you are so cute and fun. Don’t try to look so innocent for the blog!    Obviously, a total [...]


Monday: Rest

Time for the weekly workout roundup. I’m very glad that I’m getting back in the habit of keeping track of my workouts (I stopped loggin’ workouts in the last few months of pregnancy) because my calendar made me realize that I really needed a break today.    I felt unusually tired all day, despite getting [...]


This week, I’m running a fun series of workout debates.  First up: Do you acknowledge strangers when exercising outdoors?  General consensus was that most people give a smile, wave, or head nod just to be nice; a few people said they make a point to be friendly as a safety mechanism.    Today’s debate topic [...]


Instagram Nutshell

Here’s how I felt about the weekend: Which roughly translates to: “it was pretty awesome.”  (Henry started consistently smiling and laughing over the last few days!)   Why?  Nothing special, really.  Just lots of baby time, lots of down time, a little exercise, and a little productiveness.  Look!  I sorted the garage.  It was a [...]


Some of my favorite HTP posts revolve around what is ‘proper’ exercise etiquette.  It’s a light topic that most of us (and – I’ll admit – including myself) have strong opinions about.  For example:  Is it OK to Transfer a Bib Number?  Or Bandit a Race?, Can I Wear That Race Shirt?, and Can I [...]


Fern Fresh

We ventured out to a restaurant with the baby – and it went quite well!  Babies are just so portable at this age.  We decided to hit up Fern, Charlotte’s nicest vegetarian restaurant (as cool as Charlotte is for mid-sized Southern city, there are only three vegetarian restaurants that I know of – a takeout [...]


Hair and a Run

My hair is slowly being ripped out by grabby baby hands. Could’ve gone short, short, short and completely solved this problem – you may be thinking, “Find a hair fubby, silly!” but finding a hair fubby (hair tie, whatever) at 3:30 AM whilst holding a hangry baby is impossible.  Anyway, I’ll probably never cut my [...]


Make Ahead

Here’s a fun question for you:  If you’re a coffee drinker, do you prep the pot the night before? I make my cup of joe using a French press, but I prep the grounds and put water in the electric kettle the night before.  There is nothing like a simplified coffee process in the morning. [...]


The Breast Advice

True story:  This morning, I was at a mom’s group, sitting in a circle with four other women and their babies, when I reached down into my diaper bag to pull out a blanket.  I stood up, shook it out, and out fell a bright blue thong. Of course, I was mid-sentence so everyone was [...]


Inspiration on a Headband

Get your Kleenex ready… I recently learned about a non-profit organization called Headbands of Hope, which was started by a 21 year old college student named Jessica.  For every headband purchased from the organization, Headbands of Hope donates a headband to a girl who has lost her hair after cancer treatment.  I was so impressed [...]

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