September 2011


Hullo everyone!  It’s me, James. My mom Caitlin is busy working on her book edits, so I offered to write a blog post for her.  She said if a dog blogs, then he’s a dogger.  I hope you enjoy my first attempt at dogging (my mom was just informed this is a dirty word but [...]


Recharge Sunday

I slept for 12.5 hours last night. Perhaps my epic sleep sesh was due to all the fun I had on Saturday.  I woke up and ran a 10K race, braved a women’s show and sat on a panel about cyberbullying, and partied until 3AM for Nicole’s bachelorette.  AKA I behaved like I had the [...]


The key to healthy eating, of course, is to actually go grocery shopping and buy healthy foods.  I used to be the type of person that walked into the grocery store, spent 45 minutes wandering around aimlessly, and then left $100 poorer.  And then I still couldn’t figure out what to make for dinner. I’ve [...]


Honey Badgers Bachelorette

If fun is gauged by how empty my wallet is and how black the bottom of my feet are (stupid heels!), then we had a pretty awesome night. The very best part of Nicole’s bachelorette was our matching Honey Badger shirts, which were a HIT at the bars.  Nicole’s was white and matched her veil.  [...]


The Balancing Act Panel

This afternoon, I headed out to the Southern Women’s Show.  I’ve never been to an expo like this before.  There was lots of estrogen in the air.  Lots of shopping.  Lots of gadgets and gizmos.  Lots of cats paraphernalia. It was a little overwhelming!  I saw women dragging SUITCASES filled with swag.  I only got [...]


Hit the Brixx 10K Race Recap

Runaway bride! This morning’s 10K kicked off Nicole’s bachelorette celebration.  The day is divided into two parts: the healthy bit and the unhealthy bit, if you know what I mean.  The healthy bit, of course, involved running the Hit the Brixx 10K.    I made sure she was decked out in bachelorette gear!   I [...]


Thankful for Ashley

Tonight, Katy and I made the trek to Asheville to see Ashley.    Our poor friend was in a horrible cycling accident last week and was just discharged from the hospital.  She’s been blogging about her journey, but basically, she shattered her pelvis and had a severe concussion. Honestly, I didn’t realize how close we came [...]


A Good Hour

Sometimes, all I need is a good hour on the mat. The Husband and I hit up a power mixed yoga class during lunch.  I was hoping for a very easy and very slow class because I’m running a 10K race tomorrow.  But class was challenging!  I spent a good 10 minutes in child’s pose [...]


Cold Snap

Our first cold snap is here.  Even my lovely flowers are feelin’ it.  Well, when I say ‘my’ lovely flowers, I actually mean my neighbor’s.  Because, of course, I have a black thumb and have killed pretty much every flower that I’ve tried to grow.    Speaking of murder… All this time, I thought James [...]


Not An Alien

I can’t remember when I last bought cheese other than goat cheese.  I love goat cheese so much.  Cheddar just doesn’t cut it! In the mix:   Millet Leftover green beans Carrots Holy Deliciousness Hummus Goat Cheese Lunch was very quick.  The green beans were leftovers, the carrots were raw, and the millet only took [...]


Pet Peeve Pep Talks

Yesterday, my energy levels were dragging.  I spent a good two hours trying to talk myself into tackling the 3.0-mile run on my training plan. I only have a few pet peeves:   People who lie Not closing the shower curtain Sitting in the window seat Dust on the floor Grammar police   Please count [...]


Menchie’s Heaven

Tonight, I discovered the amazaballs that is Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt.  I am a self-professed Yoforia fanatic, but… my top yogurt place just lost it’s spot.  Menchie’s all the way! I found my way to Menchie’s heaven by way of Beth, who is in town for work.  Beth is very fun and smart.  I wish our [...]


Thoughts on Being a One Car Family, Part II

I have slowly whittled the ‘emergency nut stash’ in the clinic down to crumbs.  Worked until very late in the afternoon! I was starving before I got home.  I just need to learn that appointments always end up taking a little bit longer than we anticipate them to.  If the schedule says I’ll be done [...]


Stroll Along

My walking buddy and I did a wonderful stroll this morning.  Dare I saw that it was a little chilly outside? With the cooler temps, even Maggie is tempted to join us.  She overheats (and freezes) very easily because she’s so low to the ground.  So Fall and Spring are her favorite times of the [...]

Healthy Tipping Point