August 2011

Philly Fun

We just wrapped up Day 2 of the Healthy Living Summit.  The conference and panels were amazingly inspiring, but I must admit that my very favorite part of the day was when Katie and I took a break for some power yoga. Philly Power Yoga is just a mile or so from our hotel.  I [...]


Giving Up the Java

I am a self-declared coffee addict. I love coffee.  I love the taste.  I love the buzz.  I love the routine of preparing and drinking coffee in the morning.    But I’m not so sure coffee loves me back.   The Husband (in all his infinite holistic medicine wisdom) has been urging me to eliminate [...]


Summit Love

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love! I had a little bit of trouble falling asleep last night – it kind of felt like Christmas Eve.  Too excited and nervous to sleep.  I caught an early flight with several other Charlotte bloggers. (Allison, Brittney, and Erin – Kelly was there, too!)   I opted to [...]


Time for Dinner

We got off work early (that means before 8 PM), so I had time to really focus on making a delicious dinner.  Cooking is so relaxing… especially when you’re not running around like a headless chicken tofurky. You know I had time to put into dinner when I make brown rice (cooking time: at least [...]


The Hippie General Store

Welcome to Charlotte’s very own hippie general store.  Also know as Berrybrook Farms.  I think they should rebrand themselves as the hippie general store, though, because that’s really what it is!  Even though we sell a wide variety of natural supplements at the clinic, I love to browse the aisles at Berrybrook and check out [...]


Fitting It All In

Last night, I attended a hot vinyasa hot class.  It didn’t begin until 8:30 PM, so I figure it would be a nice way to put myself to sleep. Hah.   I left yoga feeling SO WIRED.  Normally, exercising at night relaxes me, but yoga had the opposite effect.  I ended up reorganizing my closet [...]


My Four Rules of Running

When I first started running, I had no idea what I was doing.  All I knew was that I really wanted to get my negative behaviors under control and pick up a healthier outlet.  I also wanted to tone up, lose some beer weight, and RACE.  I was very interested in racing from the start.  [...]


Doing Less, Part II

Good morning! I’m having a mighty fine morning.  I slept well, rose early, and hammered out some work.  Wahoo!  (James wanted me to let you know that the winner of Maggie’s birthday giveaway is Mela!  Congrats!)   Breakfast included Panda Puffs, salty pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and blackberries.  I love all the competing sweet/salty flavors.  So, [...]


Doing Less

Today, my mantra is “Do less, so you can do more.”     The other day, a blog friend asked me, “So, is everything in your life as perfect as it appears on the blog?”  I practically spit out of my tea.  I guess I’ve been avoiding it because I don’t want to talk about being [...]


Panda Bites

I was going to call this recipe “Panda Balls,” but figured that was a little tacky.  So instead, let’s call them Panda Bites.  I’ve been rolling the idea of Panda Bites around in my mind for a few days.  It’s a super simple recipe – just three ingredients! – an would be a great pre- [...]


Nick’s Chi Minimalist Marathon

Over the weekend, I talked a little bit about my desire to get back into minimalist running and read the Chi Running book.  A reader named Nick offered to write a post about how ‘mindful running’ transformed his life.  I hope you enjoy his post (I especially like his tip not to set time goals [...]


Southern {Veggie} Cookin’

Times are changin’, but being a Southern vegetarian is still kind of… well, it’s odd.  Southern food is based around BBQ, pork, lard, and fried veggies.  Tofu is not a staple.  I’ll never forget the time I crashed my car and hitched a ride back home with the tow truck driver.  The driver was proud [...]


Happy Birthday, Maggie

Last week, I was napping in my bed and spooning Maggie.  Her body is perfect for spooning – long and soft.  I stroked her pretty fur, lovingly counting each of her little black and brown spots.  As I stared into her big, brown eyes, I noticed something startling. Maggie’s brown eyebrows are going white.  It [...]


Sunday Yoga

Our friend Isaac brought over dinner… and in exchange for laundry machine access.  Fair trade, if you ask me! Especially when your dinner involves the infamous Mmmm Sauce!  Does Nicole know me or what?  She sent over her laundry-toutin’ man with a delicious cabbage, tomato, chickpea, and quinoa stew and instructions to smear Mmmm Sauce [...]