April 2011

Thoughts on Being Proactively Kind

The other day, I was sitting in FABO Cafe, talking to the owner of the cute little coffee shop that just opened in the Fall.  Amy, a former consultant, has risked everything to open this shop – she gave up her job and invested a ton of her personal worth into the business.  Amy and [...]


Race Recap: Ashley’s 5K

Name:  Ashley (Ashley’s Adventures in Alaska) Location: Alaksa Race:  Frostbite Footrace 5K in Anchorage Personal Tidbit: Hobbies include fly fishing, running, baking, and reading In Her Own Words:   After deciding Friday morning to run the Frostbite Footrace 5k, I started getting nervous.  Some of the many thoughts going through my mind: "What if I [...]


Gas Station Lunch

Whew!  We’re back in North Carolina – it feels like everyone in the world was traveling on I-95 today, too.  The rest stops were all so crazy.    We did a very poor job of planning meals out before we left my in-laws, so we were stuck with two lunch choices:  Subway (again) or the [...]


Dachshund Tan Lines

Maggie and I spent the morning working on our tans.  Now I have a dachshund-outline tan on my stomach.  :) Naw – just kidding.  Maggie only hung out with me in the water for a few minutes.  I think she prefers to be on dry land.  Her body is just not made for swimming – [...]


Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos

Every meal at my in-laws’ in a huge production – and we like it that way! Breakfast is an all-morning affair, lunch stretches through the afternoon, and dinner takes hours to prepare and enjoy.   I was put on lunch duty and decided to buck the ‘spend hours in the kitchen’ tradition by whipping up [...]


A Long Drive

TWSS!  No really, that’s what I did say at the end of our epic road trip from Charlotte to Gainesville, Florida to Palm Coast, Florida.  All combined, we covered about 550 miles.  It was all worth it though because I got to have dinner with my grandpa.  He’s nearly 94 now! Grandpa back in the [...]


A Lovely Morning

Oh, love! I love love.  Head over to Nicole’s blog to wish her and Isaac a very Happy Engagement!  He surprised her by proposing this morning.  They stopped by my house afterwards to show off the ring.  I took a few ‘just engaged’ shots and posed them like Wills and Kate.  Posh and fabulous!   [...]


7 Great Books to Delight and Motivate

Did you catch Part I and Part II of the HTP Book Club Series?  7 Inspiring Non-Fiction Fitness Books and 9 Intriguing Food Philosophy Books    Review of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of An All-Night Runner Heather from Dietitian on the Run wrote, “Dean's insanely awesome tales of late-night runs, ultra marathons and breaking records will [...]


Reader Appreciation Giveaway

Y’all are giving me such good advice and support about swimming in the comments section of this post - I have to find a way to thank you for being awesome readers! :)   How about this sweet 10-cup food processor? Oh yea.   You can use this food processor to make hummus and nut [...]



Pools have walls. Lakes do not. On Tuesday and Thursdays, my pool changes the layout of the lanes so you can swim 50 meter lengths instead of 25 yard length.   That means that today, I had to swim more than double the normal distance between walls.  I’ve never swam in a pool that long before!  [...]


Call for GOTR Running Buddies

Morning, lovelies!  I slept like a rock last night.  It felt amazing. And now I’m geared up for a busy work day. :)   Breakfast: A very fun yogurt mix:   Chobani pineapple 1/2 cup raw oatmeals Almonds Chia seeds Banana Get Involved with GOTR   As you may know, the Husband and I are [...]


Lovable and Long

When the going gets tough, hug a wiener dog.   (I have that print in my bathroom and it makes me so happy every single day!)   Dachshunds really do make everything better. Mutts are awesome, too – of course! :)  Actually, all rescue pups rule. But there’s something special about a long dog. Did [...]


Slam Dunk

Something that I cannot figure out: my legs have been so sore lately!  And yet I’ve been doing almost zero lower-body cardio (just swimming).    I can’t imagine how swimming would make my thighs sore because I try really hard not to kick too much.  Another triathlete once told me to use your upper body [...]


9 Intriguing Food Philosophy Books

Did you catch Part I of the HTP Book Club Series?  7 Inspiring Non-Fiction Fitness Books    Review of Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Megan from Born Again Athlete wrote, “I loved Fast Food Nation! I actually had to read it in high school for my journalism class and it [...]

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