March 2011

National Half Marathon

This morning, I decided that being injured and dropping out of a race isn’t really that bad… especially if you make the effort to enjoy being a spectator.  We were up at 5 AM to take Megan, Nicole, and Emily’s husband Casey to the race.  Emily and I had an awesome time watching our friends, [...]


Hello, DC!

If you’re running the National Half Marathon in Washington DC tomorrow – look for me on the sidelines with this sign!  :) So, yes – Nicole and I arrived in DC this afternoon.  It was a long drive (6+hours), but it was actually loads of fun.   We rented a trashy romance book on tape [...]


Survey Says…

This morning, I ran two miles to see if my quad felt 100% ready to run the DC National Half Marathon tomorrow. Survey says…   No. Drats!  I was so hoping that I would be ready, even though my massage therapist said there was only a 20% chance.  However, around Mile 1.0, my knee/leg started [...]


Here We Go

Tomorrow, Nicole and I begin our Washington DC road trip. Now, if you’ve been reading for a bit, you know that I was training diligently for the National Half Marathon in DC, which is on Saturday.  About 14 days ago, I pulled my quad and have been taking it easy ever since.  In the last [...]


I Emerge Victorious

This morning, I spent four hours (yes, FOUR HOURS) stuck at the DMV as I attempted to get my North Carolina driver’s license.  Um, yes.  I’m a little late to the party.   It would’ve been the worst four hours of my week, but I was smart and brought along my laptop so I could [...]


Best Laid Plans

I’ve really been trying to get up early and squeeze in yoga before my day begins, but so far, I’ve epically failed at this task all week.   6:30 class, you taunt me so.   I do all the things I’m ‘supposed’ to do to be successful at AM workouts:   Lay out my workout [...]



When I see stuff like this, I have to stop and take a picture.  I am totally ‘that’ person.    Random, right?  A news crew was there, and the cameraman said it just spontaneously fell over!  How scary – luckily no one was hurt.   The spontaneously falling tree was a good metaphor for my [...]


Nuts for Coconut Water?

It’s been quite the nutty day here.  I didn’t have time to pack a lunch, but I did have time to throw a load of bread, some peanut butter, and watermelon in a bag.  It’s the effort that counts. :) Ta-da! Lunch is served. I am currently sipping on some lovely ZICO coconut water.  In [...]


That Question

Oh, oatmeal.  I can always count on you! I had a rather rough night. I woke up at 2:30 AM and spent the next two hours on the bathroom floor, puking my brains out.  It was not pleasant.  I haven’t done that in years (I have a steel stomach), but it must’ve been something at [...]


Blogger Birthday Party

Tonight, a few of the Charlotte bloggers came together to celebrate Jen’s 29th birthday.  We went to the Queen City’s current hotspot, of course…  Cowfish!     In attendance:  The Birthday Girl, me, and the Hubs. Katie and Stew Brittany and Kelly Diana and Dan As well as Michelle and Ben, but I didn’t snag a [...]


Race Recap: Jordan’s Half Marathon

Name: Jordan Location: Arkansas Age: 19 Race: Fayetteville Half-Marathon Personal Tidbit: Dietetics major at University of Arkansas In Her Own Words:   On December 12th, 2010, I ran my very first half-marathon!  I’d been checking the weather all week, so I’d known that it was going to be...hmm...chilly, to say the least. 20 degrees with [...]


Vegetarian BLT

Thanks for all your support about my half marathon upset (secretly, I’m still crossing my fingers). :) It is really comforting to know there are other runners out there who can relate… although, of course, I wish we all weren’t injured!  To answer some questions:   I cannot walk the entire DC Half Marathon course.  [...]


Orange Basil Smoothie

I’ve been a little bored with breakfast lately.  Nothing an interesting flavor combination cannot fix, of course! The inspiration for today’s smoothie actually comes from an Orange Basil chocolate that I ate last week at Petite Philippe.  The outside was a smooth milk chocolate, and the inside was a creamy basil-infused orange filling.  It was [...]


Curse Count: Two

Random little fact about me:  I’m a curser.  I try not to curse on the blog, of course.  But in real life, I have a potty mouth. I’m trying to stop cursing because it’s not a very lady-like habit.  So far, I’ve cursed two times today. Not a great curse count, but better than normal, [...]

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