February 2011

How awesome is Nicole’s boyfriend Isaac’s shirt? Classic.  This shirt would totally work on me.  I love Grey’s!   Anyway - tonight I did an Operation Beautiful presentation at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC).  The Husband came with me, which was fun.  He’s only ever heard me speak once before. He sat in [...]


Give Triathlons a Try

Per a reader’s request, I thought I’d do a little post on triathlons.  If you’re a newer reader, you might think I’ve always been all about the running, but I’ve actually done several cycling events and triathlons:   Moss Park Sprint Triathlon that became a Dualthon – June 2008 Echelon Gran Fondo Century Bike Race [...]


Sunflower Seed Pancakes

Catching up on posts? Prepping for the long run Eat-In Challenge Grocery Cart:  Earth Fare Operation Beautiful NEDA Week – Wednesday Notes and Stories   My Miami-girl naiveté might be showing when I admit this, but I actually thought spring was here in Charlotte.  Winter over by the end of February? I can do that!  [...]


This is Part II of a new blog series called Eat-In Challenge Shopping Cart.  Over the years, many people have asked to me to write about grocery shopping, but it’s so hard to really detail what’s in our fridge and pantry in just one blog post (hence, a series!).   Here’s my shopping cart at Trader [...]


Double Digitland

As you may have guessed from this morning’s post on surviving long runs, I did a long run today! I am running the National Half Marathon in Washington DC at the end of March, and today was my first double digit run since I ran a marathon in October.  I was a little nervous, but [...]


Prepping for the Long Run

Oh, long runs.  I both adore and loathe you all at the same time.  Now, “long run” doesn’t indicate any particular distance, a long run is a long run… TO YOU.  The definition of a ‘long run’ also changes constantly for each individual runner in accordance to the event they are training for.  For example, [...]


Help Me ID This Grain

…If it is a grain at all!   So, I reorganized my pantry the other day (and in a moment of insanity, I made labels for each shelf).  And I discover a jar of bulk-bin grain that I cannot ID!  It might not even be a grain – maybe it’s a pasta? I boiled the [...]


Working Like a Dog

James had to attend a very important meeting at Girls on the Run headquarters today.  First, he discussed fiscal reports with Jessica.  He has to write a long memo later this afternoon. Then, he went back to his desk and spent a few hours organizing the volunteers for the upcoming 5K. And lastly, he sat [...]


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Oatmeal

It’s Moan-day again!  Do you have President’s Day off? I hope so! I enjoyed a slow morning, and I am going to work in the afternoon.  :)  A half day sounds pretty good right now.    One that that makes Monday better?  A special breakfast. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Oatmeal is one of my old favorites; [...]


Southern Color

Don’t make fun of us, but we are currently watching Titantic.  And crying.  How can this movie STILL make me cry after seeing it five times?! I’ll never let go!!!   In other news, half marathon training seems to be going well. I really hit a stride this week, running another 5.0 today to bring [...]


Tostadas (Kind of) and a PSA

I was craving a tostada (basically a fried corn tortilla filled or topped with beans or meat), but my attempt at a healthier version didn’t really work.  Don’t get me wrong – it tasted amazing.  The tortillas just crumbled apart on me!   I love recipes with just four ingredients, don’t you? Each corn tortilla [...]


Mellow Yellow

Last night, Nicole, Jen, and I (plus respective male dance partners husbands) went to a lounge called Butter, and we danced until our feet hurt.  It was fun – we didn’t get home until 2:30!   Duck facing was out in full force, per the usual.  :) Lots of shimmying ensued after I drank two [...]


Pre- and Post-Run Fuel

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday!  I worked this morning at the clinic but got to relax this afternoon after my run.  It was lovely.  Lots of patio sittin’ and time in the sun.   While at the clinic, I had this awesome salad.  It was packed tight into my one clean piece of [...]


Running is a Funny Thing

Sometimes, I have to cajole, beg, and bribe myself just to motivate myself to put on my sneakers… But I never regret a workout once it’s over.   5.0 mile training run, done.  That much closer to Half Marathon #4.   And for some laughs…  Check out these great Adidas ads with the tagline “Runners:  [...]