January 2011

Wait ‘Til You Learn Their Middle Names…

As I mentioned last night, Maggie’s full name is Margaret Thatcher. Did you James’ full name is James Bond?  I’m not sure ‘which’ James Bond he is, though.  Probably Pierce Brosnan.   We named him James Bond because he’s an escape artist.  Fences have nothing on James.   Checking them into the vet is really, really [...]


Belated Christmas Present

I never told you guys what I got the Husband for Christmas!  Well, I got him a snazzy University of Miami watch, a homemade scrapbook, and two tickets to see Billy Elliot.  We finally cashed in our tickets!  The play was so good, too. The kid who played Billy Elliot was amazing – such a [...]


Help This Veggie Teen Out

Today, I counted how many steps I have to walk to go from the front of the clinic to inside my favorite Charlotte restaurant:  96 steps.  Yes, just 96 steps.  And I wonder why I always succumb to takeout when I’m stuck in the office. Same old, same old.  Black bean burger on a whole [...]


Blogging Zombie

Well, I definitely do not deserve a gold star for my sleeping habits last night.  I tossed and turned all night long and now I feel like a walking zombie.  My blood sugar is all over the place and my eyes are puffy and swollen.     Coffee to the rescue!  Oh, and a stabilizing breakfast.  [...]


Dream Share

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to “keep in better touch with my old friends by calling them more often.”  I am proud to say that I had two long phone calls with my two BFFs tonight!  Lauren is currently in India for work, and Sarah lives in Virginia.  I wish we were all [...]


Bribes and Gold Stars

As much as I love to workout, sometimes I have to resort to mind tricks to motivate myself to actually lace up my sneakers.   Today’s bribe:  Run 3.0 miles with speedwork and you can go out to lunch!   Done and done! I wasn’t running on a track or using my Garmin 305, so [...]


No Write or Wrong Way

I used to be an early to bed, early to rise kind of girl.  But my bedtime is pushing later and later…   Maggie says she’s cool with that. Stink eye.   When I was writing the first book, I could ONLY write in the morning.  I would set my alarm really early and be [...]


Sbux and Toe Soxs

First things thing:  I have to make Evan’s Snickerdoodle Dessert Hummus ASAP.   Secondly, today I locked myself up at the coffee shop and got a ton of work done! The first draft of the next Operation Beautiful book is officially… 85% done.  :)  I’ll take it.  21 days to go!   I also ran [...]


Fat Talkin’ Role Models

I am diligently working on the first draft of the second Operation Beautiful book (hello, Starbucks).  So I thought I’d share a wonderful guest post to keep you entertained and get your gears turning.    Fat Talk is an issue that I hold near and dear to my heart – I always say that if [...]


Great Grains

Catching up on the weekend? We debated getting a third dog (even went to the pound), decided to think about it some more, and then I found a lost dog on the street – I can’t make this stuff up. I + readers weighed in on MTV’s I Used to be Fat I created delicious [...]


I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

After dinner, I decided to go on a walk with James.  We were strolling down the street when I spotted this beautiful boy roaming around… no owner in sight. Collar but no tags.  Clearly someone’s pet.  Guess the Universe wanted me to experience having a third dog tonight because it looks like he’ll be sleeping [...]


Three’s a Crowd?

Two very exciting things happened on this lovely, sunny Sunday.   I ran 2.0 miles without foot pain! I swapped out my newer Brooks Summon II, which I had been running in when I hurt my foot following my last marathon, for an old pair of Brooks I.  The originals.  The run was so much [...]


Review of MTV’s I Used to Be Fat

Beginning a few weeks ago, I started to see tweets and comments about MTV’s new show “I Used to Be Fat.”  A few people said they liked the show, others hated it.  When asked my opinion, I kind of just shrugged because I’d never seen the show (I never give opinions on things without educating [...]


Oh Yes I Did

Today’s lunch (the baked veggie egg roll) really got my gears turning.   Suddenly, this creation came to mind: In the center of that egg roll, place:   Half a banana A punch of coconut A drizzle of sunflower butter Two pieces of dark chocolate   Yeah.  It’s amazaballs.    Side note:   Has anyone [...]

Healthy Tipping Point