October 2010

Wine, Then Yoga

What a fun and busy day!  This afternoon, I spoke to some middle schoolers about Operation Beautiful, Fat Talk Free Week, and Photoshopping issues, and the Husband supervised the delivery of our new living room furniture.  Here’s a sneak peek!  :)   Post-speech snack of Greek yogurt…   And a quick dinner of toasty bread, [...]


Customer Service Win

So, if you recall, when we moved from Orlando to Charlotte this June, we sold off all of our furniture and put our entire life in a small trailer: As a result, we went nuts in West Elm (my favorite store, ever) and our apartment is pretty much decorated in that style.   Our couch [...]


Have You Hugged Your Body Today?

It’s National Love Your Body Day.   Hug it out! Love Your Body Day is part of Fat Talk Free Week (Operation Beautiful is a featured organization).    Nicole and I celebrated Love Your Body Day by getting up early to go on a 3.5 mile run.  My worth is definitely not determined by how fast [...]


Many Occupational Hats

Today, I have worn my:   Blogger hat Speaker hat Volunteer hat Author hat Acupuncturist secretary hat   I wear a lot of occupational hats!  In fact, I am still wearing my acupuncturist secretary hat (a fedora?) as I type.  The Husband is seeing a patient so I have to be at the clinic and [...]


Not a Mile Too Soon

I am so, so glad to be in taper mode for my upcoming marathon.  I think this taper came at the perfect time, truthfully. :)   I was just starting to feel a little burnt out on long distances.   This morning’s 4.25 miler was a challenging run (because all mileage is an awesome challenge!), but a [...]


I’m putting this guest post under “Other Healthy Tipping Point” stories because being healthy is a lot more than whole wheat bread and cardio.  Mental and emotional health are so valuable, and I wanted to share Michele’s story in case there are others out there who need to hear this message.  Love shouldn’t hurt!   [...]


Sandwich, Round II

Running errands is no fun.  Laptops help ease the pain. The Hus and I finally took our one (and only!!!) car into the repair shop today.  Now that we’re a one-car family, we need to stay on top of repairs.  Luckily, the hour at the shop wasn’t a complete waste because I could freelance write [...]


Grill Your Sandwich

I am a HUGE fan of sandwiches.  Love them.  But I’ll be the first to admit that they get a little boring day after day.   Enter the George Foreman!  George is not just for college students.  George rules. Step 1: Start with thick slices of crusty, whole wheat bread.    Step 2:  Choose and [...]


I am totally up and at ‘em today!  Soooo much to do.  A simple bowl of oats was on the breakfast menu.  No fancy toppings today.  Just wholesome goodness. In the mix:   3/4 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup water 3/4 cup almond milk Banana Chia seeds Hazelnut syrup Setting Race Goals   One of my [...]


18.0 Miles – It’s Taper Time!

Last long run of marathon training – you are MINE!  :) Riding high and feeling awesome after today’s (suppose to be last Friday’s) 18.0 miler.  I only have 13 days before the race so that means it’s TAPER TIME!  :) :) :)  So exciting to be entering this final phase of training.   Pre-run lunch [...]



It’s 8:42 AM.   My alarm went off 2 hours ago.   My training plan says I’m suppose to run 18.0 miles today. I’ve been standing around in my running clothes for an hour and a half.   I read 21of my favorite blogs so far today, including a few entries that I’ve already read [...]


Miami v. Duke Recap

Hello, Duke! Duke is straight out of Harry Potter. I loved the campus, the dramatic multi-colored brick buildings with gothic architecture.  So beautiful! Very jealous of all the prospective students taking campus tours!  Can I please, please go back to undergraduate (and be 18 again)? Duke’s stadium was a small, open-air arena.  I’m used to [...]


Best Wife, Ever

I am attempting to win the International Best Wife Ever contest by attending not one, but TWO sporting events in less than 24 hours.   Last night we went to a AHL hockey game (Checkers v. Penguins; Checkers lost). We went with our friends Kayla and Brandon, who ironically just moved here from Florida, too.  [...]


Love for Sweet Valley High

11 hours of sleep + numerous tablespoons of garlic later… I am still sick.  Sad face.  No running for me today for sure.   One key lesson when you’re training for an event and something goes awry, like illness or family emergency?  Trust your training!  A few days or even a week off of your [...]

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