September 2010

Let Her Eat Cake

Marathon long run + Dinner Party?  I’m there! We headed over to the neighbors’ house (Jim and Cornelia) for a fun, Italian-inspired dinner party.    I heart carbohydrates!   Started with some vino (I had about three glasses, truth be told). And sample some amazing homemade hummus, which was made with chickpeas, tahini, mayo, lemon, [...]


Suffering Sixteen

Somehow, I survived my horrendous long run this morning. It was rough.  I really didn’t know if I was going to make it through my long run this morning.  Since I am in Florida, I missed my half marathon and the chance to run in cooler, less oppressive weather.  Sixteen miles in Florida was ROUGH.  [...]


Car Food

  Drove.   Listened to Eat, Pray, Love on audiotape.   Left Operation Beautiful notes.   Drank a Green Monster.   Ate a peanut butter sandwich.   Inhaled a Resee’s Blizzard (it was upside-down-right-thick).   Arrived in Florida.


Change of Plans

Make a plan, and God laughs in your face.  I’m currently packing up my car to drive down to Florida to be with the Husband and my in-laws due to a family emergency.  Obviously, this sucks because a family member is in crisis.  But it’s also (significantly less sucky) that I was planning on running [...]


Switch It Up

And on the 5th day…   Monday – Pumpkin Yogurt Tuesday – Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich Wednesday – Pumpkin Peanut Butter Thursday – Pumpkin Pancakes    She was tired of pumpkin. So she had egg and toast.  :)   And fruit: All together now: In other news…   The weather is looking good for my [...]


All Ears

“Ginger cats?!?!” GINGER CATS! GINGER CATS!! Now the bucket is gone.  Sorry, puppies.  No more Ginger Cats for you or me.   This afternoon involved lots of working and a little walking with Nicole. She was wearing Vibrams (barefoot running non-shoes).  So cool! Pre-walk little snack: And dinner: That’s leftover tofu and rice from last [...]


Kick Start Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Hello, hello!  How’s your day going?   Mine is pretty great.  :)  Working on some freelance pieces and organizing my To Do list in general.  October and November are going to be very fun months with lots of Operation Beautiful speaking engagements to girls AND guys in all age groups.  I’m pretty pumped!   Took [...]


Half Marathon Goals

Good morning! Happy Thursday! The pumpkin breakfast streak continues:   Monday - Pumpkin Yogurt Tuesday - Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich Wednesday - Pumpkin Peanut Butter   And today – Pumpkin Pancakes! With grilled bananas instead of maple syrup! To make pumpkin pancakes (for 5 pancakes):   3/4 cup whole wheat pancake mix 1/4 cup canned [...]


Outside Dining

I loved reading your tips on remembering to hydrate!  Here are my two favorites:   Laura: I’ll often put 8 jelly beans or yoghurt raisins or something small into a dish on the kitchen counter, then I just eat one every time I have a glass of water. Visual reminder. And you get a reward [...]


When I Weigh Myself

One of my favorite mantras is: “Scales measure weight, not worth.”  I used to get really wrapped up on the number on that dang digital display, so I don’t weigh myself anymore and try to go by how my “happy weight” jeans fit.  It is much more zen.  :)    However, the scale has one [...]



Yes, I’m making it my personal goal to have canned pumpkin in every. single. breakfast this week! :) Today’s simple breakfast featured Pumpkin Peanut Butter.  I really wanted to smear pumpkin on toast, but knew the lack of fat, protein, and calories in general wouldn’t hold me over through the 7 miler I’m about to [...]


A Whirlwind of Houses

I loved hearing about your healthy choices!  It is so fun to see how your little efforts really add up, isn’t it?    Today my healthy choice was NOT working out, actually.  I was really exhausted after a full day of house hunting with my mother-in-law and volunteering at Girls on the Run.  I decided [...]


Your Choices Add Up

The tagline of Healthy Tipping Point is “When everyday decisions add up to something amazing.”  For years, I struggled with being healthy because I thought healthy = perfection.  If I wasn’t perfect (um, and who is?), I had “blown it.”  And then all hell broke loose. Now, I realize that being healthy is about making [...]


Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich

You may now wipe the drool from your keyboard! This is definitely my new favorite pumpkin recipe!  And it’s hopefully going to fuel me through a day of house hunting with the mother-in-law. Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich   Ingredients (for 1 serving):   2 eggs, beaten Two pieces of whole wheat bread 1 banana 1/4 [...]

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