Girls on the Run and Operation Beautiful

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture on the blog: It’s of Molly Barker, the founder of Girls on the Run, and the group of girls who were part of the first ever GOTR team.  While out on a run, Molly had the idea for GOTR , and she worked tirelessly to write a [...]


Things that I’ve learned over four seasons as a Girls on the Run coach: Kids will do nearly anything for stickers. All you have to do is be yourself.  It’s always good enough. Always bring more napkins than you think you need… … And in case you don’t, sleeves are an excellent substitute. Elementary school [...]


Excuse me while I sob into a tissue.  Wahhhhh. The Girls on the Run spring season is almost over – our last lesson is tomorrow and the 5K is on Saturday. I’m always sad when a season ends, but this year, I’m extra emotional because I really love our group – I’ve been with some [...]


It was so hot yesterday that I didn’t even try to cajole the girls into running laps at Girls on the Run. Instead, we played soccer.  This was actually my first time ever playing soccer.  The girls crushed me. It was team Mashed Potato Sharks v. the GOTR Gators.  I was on the Gators but [...]


Motivation:  Everyone struggles with it.  You know what is harder than normal adult I-don’t-want-to-peel-myself-off-the-couch motivation troubles?  Getting fourteen 8 – 10 year olds to run a 5K.  In 50 minutes or less. If there’s one thing I know about motivation – for adults and kids alike – is that there should always be something to [...]


It may have been chilly outside, but we ROCKED the New Balance Girls on the Run 5K.  All of the girls had an absolute blast.  A culmination of a season of fun and laughter, self-confidence boosting lessons, and a little bit of running, too. I’m not sure what the BEST part of the morning was [...]


Our shopping trip was a success!  The end of season gifts for Girls on the Run were really stressing me out.  I always want to give the girls something special and sweet… but I was running out of time (end of season is this Thursday!).  Last year, I did personalized photo albums from Snapfish, which [...]


Go Girls!

How do you convince fifteen 8 – 10 year old girls to run a Practice 5K?  You make it a PARTY!   Today’s Girls on the Run lesson revolved around the Practice 5K.  The real community race is on December 3, but it’s good for the girls to see that they can run the entire [...]


Happy Faces

Do you know what happens when you hand fifteen elementary school girls eight stickers each?  120 hearts and happy faces end up all over the Husband.  I think one ended up inside his ear.   Today’s Girls on the Run’s lesson revolved around positive visualization.  We discussed how you can choose to be positive instead [...]


Back in September 2010, my friend Jen asked me if I would like to co-coach a Girls on the Run troop.  I said, “Sure!” because the program combined my two favorite things:  running and building self-esteem.     Girls on the Run is a 12-week program for third – fifth graders.  Over the course of [...]


Back in August, the Husband came to me and said, “What do you think about being a husband-wife coaching team for Girls on the Run next season?”  I practically jumped for joy.    I was so excited he wanted to get involved!  We promptly signed up to coach  fifteen elementary school girls for twelve weeks.  [...]


Tonight was the Excellence Awards for Girls on the Run Charlotte.  It was a big party to celebrate and honor all the volunteers, coaches, and committee members who made 2010 – 2011 possible.  GOTR was started in 1996 in Charlotte and is now all over the USA and Canada.  In total, 250,000 girls have gone [...]


It appears that I shouldn’t have gotten too excited about our mortgage because I don’t think we’re going to get approved right now.  So sad.  The new (very strict) laws require that you show two years of steady income, but it goes by tax year, which means we would base our mortgage off 2009 and [...]


I had a really nice 27th birthday.  Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes!  :)  It was really appreciated.   I woke up and unwrapped some presents.  The Husband got me a Kindle e-book reader, which I am so excited about.  Of course, I love ‘real’ books but I also think the Kindle [...]

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