Girls on the Run and Operation Beautiful

Be My Buddy

As you may know, the Husband and I coach the Girls on the Run non-profit organization twice a week.  We help 15 third to fifth graders build confidence, self-esteem, and important healthy emotional skills while they train to run a 5K.   Although GOTR has a really well-planned curriculum that each coach follows to the [...]


The original Perfect Baked Tofu recipe is definitely one of my favorites.  This recipe, while NOT perfect, is still pretty good.  :)  All you need for this Runner-Up Marinade is BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and yellow mustard.  Part of why it’s so good is that this recipe is incredibly simple.  :)   You also need [...]


First Day

Today was the first day of Spring Season of Girls on the Run!  This season is very different than the Fall because I’m now a HEAD COACH (the Husband is my assistant coach), and I’m at a new school with new girls. The Husband and I were nervous and excited.  We spent last night prepping [...]


Ready… set… WRITE!   A big bowl of oatmeal to power me through the last stages of book writing: In the mix:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup water 1 banana Chia seeds Toppings:  salted peanuts In other news, Spring Season of Girls on the Run starts next Tuesday!  I am [...]


Another vacation day, another bowl of Perfect Oatmeal.  Banana + brown sugar.  If it’s not broke, don’t fit it! And guess what?   I found an Operation Beautiful note today!  It was stuck on the door of the hallway leading to my hotel room. I practically dropped my coffee!  :)   Today is also the [...]


Today was training for the spring semester of Girls on the Run!  The Husband and I spent the entire day at headquarters (GOTR was started in Charlotte).  I was actually trained last season, but since I’ve switched counties, I have to be re-trained under Charlotte policies.  I’m really excited to get started and be a [...]


Coaching Girls on the Run has been a really amazing experience.  It made me realize how much I actually like children (the urge to procreate is strong, in case you are wondering!).  :)  I also learned some other important lessons:   1) If you’re going to bring cupcakes for 16 girls, make sure all of [...]


I’ve tried so many different volunteering organizations over the years, but none of them ‘fit’ for me like Girls on the Run.  I really do think this organization is changing me and making me into a better adult.  It’s ironic that I was SO scared to be a coach!  It’s now the best part of [...]


I was so happy to coach Girls on the Run today!  Seeing those sixteen girls lifts my spirits so much.  I hugged a bunch of them today and said I missed them SO much last Tuesday (I was in Florida for a family emergency).    Want to know the hardest part of being a coach [...]


Just Call Me Coach

Everyone, meet Coach Jen: And I’m Coach Caitlin!   Today was my first day as a Girls on the Run assistant coach .  I was a little nervous, but all my fears melted away when I walked up to our SIXTEEN GIRLS!  They are 3rd to 5th graders (8 to 10 years old) and are [...]


Office Party

This morning we went to Dynamic Health Center because they were having a football-themed “new patient” party with balloons and free food (oh – and the Husband is looking for a chiropractor to refer patients to.  Priorities, people.)! Lookin’ good! The owner of the clinic is actually a former Olympian – how cool is that?  [...]


Tonight I had my official coach’s training meeting for Girls on the Run.  I am going to be Jen’s assistant coach for an elementary school in Fort Mill, South Carolina (sounds far from Charlotte but it’s quite close). Training was fun, and it got me REALLY excited to be an assistant coach!  I’ve never worked [...]


Woke up early so I could cook mom breakfast before she ran away to work (she works at a small consignment shop in her ‘retirement’).  We made whole wheat pancakes: Real maple syrup on the side for dippin’ action:   It’s looking like a beautiful day in Tennessee – I’m excited for Part II of [...]


Hello there!  Are you having a productive Monday?  I am!  It’s a nice feeling.   Stopped by the Girls on the Run International headquarters (which happened to be right here in Charlotte) to meet everyone and say hello to the famous Molly Barker. Molly said something that resonated me with me today… A four-time Kona [...]

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