Oh, Controversy!

Planning Parenthood

First comes love… Then comes marriage… Then comes a career… Then comes a house (oh, wait – nevermind)… Then comes baby?                             Please note that’s NOT my stomach (it’s Jen’s).   I wanted to step away from the normal food-fitness-life posts and [...]


You know what’s coming… But first – lunch!   This meal was a twist on my Creamy Dreamy Roasted Chickpeas.  I didn’t have any chickpeas on hand, so I subbed in pinto beans.  I also used orange juice instead of lemon juice. The changes were nice.  The beans still had that sweet but citrusy flavor, [...]


Locker Nekkidness

Question:  Do you get nekkid in the locker room? I used to feel really awkward about stripping down to the ol’ birthday suit in the locker room.  I felt like all the ladies around me were looking at my nekkidness and judging me.  Then, about five years ago, I got tired of doing the change-under-a-towel [...]


The Shower Curtain Debate

Breakfast was pretty simple – a bowl of cereal: So let me tell you a funny story.  And then, we’ll have a great debate!   This weekend, we moved our friend Isaac into Nicole’s apartment – AKA his wife’s (legally but not spiritually) place.  It was pretty cute to be there for such a momentous [...]


The Power of the Media Debate

Morning!  The Husband and I worked really late at the clinic, so I took the night off and shopped online for a new backsplash.   And today, we got up early to deal with some closing issues.  We have a meeting with the bank and another inspection.  Whew.  Buying a house involves a lot more than [...]


Several people commented in last night’s post that Guinness is not vegetarian. ‘Tis (sort of) true – Guinness (and many other alcoholic drinks, especially dark beers) are refined with isinglass.  Isinglass is basically dried fish bladders.  It accelerates the clarification process and, although very little isinglass remains in the drink after it’s finished, many vegetarians [...]


The Race Shirt Debate

Thank goodness for running hats – I’m not sure if I would’ve survived today’s 12 miler.  It POURED the ENTIRE time (literally).  That’s 1:58:35 of being soaked to the bone.  :) However, the rain wasn’t so bad.  It was a good distraction, and the miles just seemed to fly by.  I’m getting hopeful that I’ll [...]


Hi, friends!  How’s your day going?  Honestly, I’m pretty stressed out.  Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode between running two websites, writing a book, and running an acupuncture clinic.  I don’t mean to complain, but it’s really just one of those days.   In the past, I always slacked on my [...]


Another week, another flight, another Operation Beautiful presentation!  This time it’s at Villanova University (open to students only).    But first – I wanted to list a few of the freezer-friendly recipes you all recommended that I try to make my work weeks less hectic:   Southwest Polenta and Vegetables Recipe Yummy, Easy, Quick Soup [...]


Sleeping Nekkid?

Last night, I baked a huge platter of Baked Apples (and ate a bunch while watching House Hunters, duh).  I am obsessed with Baked Apples.   I was so excited to put my apples on top of oatmeal this morning! I loved the sour taste of the few green apples against the sweet taste of [...]


A Very Urgent Debate

Before we get to the big issues this morning, let’s pause for a moment and marvel at this breakfast: Oh yeaaaah.  That’s a triple stack Grilled Banana Sandwich.  A triple stack because I was at the end of my loaf of bread and two pieces were just too tiny for breakfast.    So, so good.  [...]


Sorry for the delay!  :)  I have a good post for you, though – and I can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts and opinions.   First: lunch. A little light, but my stomach is feeling off so it’s the best I could do!  I had a white bean hummus, Athenos Tomato & Basil feta, and [...]


Fun post coming at you! :)  First, the Breville Juicer raffle. This raffle is for the Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor, courtesy of Amazon.com.  This amazing juicer retails for $179.  Think of all the delicious, healthy drinks you can make with this bad boy!   I am training for the Echelon Gran Fondo [...]

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