June 2015

Boot Camp Transformation: 14 Weeks

I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I wrote my last boot camp update! Time flies when you’re lifting heavy stuff.  Hah. Definitely check out the first update to see what my boot camp classes are all about and how it helped transform my post-baby body into a stronger and healthier version of me!  [...]


This post is sponsored by Sleep Innovations. Sleep – precious sleep. As you guys know, I just renovated our bedroom to be more “hotel like” in quest of a better night’s sleep. And guess what? It’s working!    The couch has been downgraded – it’s no longer my favorite place in the house.  This room [...]


Visitor Fun

Summmmmmertime! As last week’s not-so-great weekend (all that sickness!) a fun weekend was a welcomed change.  The best part was my blogging buddy Kath and her family came to visit us!  We try to get together at least once a year.  <3 Kath and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert on Thursday night.  [...]


Golf Break

This post is sponsored by Sargento Foods. Kristien and I keep joking that this summer is known as Brainwashing Henry into Loving Sports Summer <--- that’s the official title.  Honestly, it’s not hard – this kid has been kicking a ball since he was barely able to walk.  And thanks to spectating a few races [...]


29 Random Facts About Me

Because I can’t think of 1 more to make it an even 30! I have a natural immunity to mosquitos – they never bite me. One of my pet peeves is when you’re assembling furniture and the Allen keys are too wide to turn an entire rotation without running into the side of the furniture.  [...]


Happy National Running Day!  I LOVE to run.  I started running nine years ago in a quest to improve my physical health and mental outlook, and it really did change my life.  I remember that first run so clearly – I made it only a few minutes before I found myself almost dry heaving on [...]


Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese

Things are… looking up!  Not “great” yet but getting closer.  After my not-so-fun weekend, I took some big steps to improve the situation on Monday.  First things first: a date with my gym hot tub (so I could get a momma break and ease my aching body).   Step two was getting my back adjusted again [...]


I usually pop in on Mondays with a fun recap of our weekend, but this weekend was anything but fun. In fact, it was pretty dreadful.  I hate to vent (because who wants to read a vent?!) but please… let me vent.   Wednesday – Experienced middle-of-the-night severe stomach pains. Thursday – Realized that I [...]

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