November 2014

Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate-Covered Oreos

The other night, I was in bed and struggling to sleep (damn you, pregnancy insomnia!), when I thought of this half-ass cookie recipe.  I call it a half-ass recipe because there is no actual baking involved.  The result is anything but half-ass – it’s amazing!  This would be a perfect small gift for the holidays [...]


Walkin’ Through Fall

Good morning! Homemade pumpkin yogurt – so easy.  Just combine equal parts vanilla Greek yogurt and pureed pumpkin with a little DIY Pumpkin Spice. Tada!  Instant pumpkin yogurt.  I got my hair cut yesterday… Two cuts in like three months, after not getting it cut at all for nine months.  I feel so pulled together, [...]


My Post-Baby Fitness Hopes

I wanted to write a post about my post-baby fitness hopes for a few reasons.  First, I’ve found that putting it out there really helps me stay motivated and excited.  Second, I’m pretty pumped to get back into the swing of things; I really love exercise as “me time” and have truly missed that physical [...]


Things I’m Loving Lately

I always like to read posts like this from other bloggers.  So I figured I’d throw my ring into the hat with a list of the books, movies, shows, products, and concepts that I’m adoring lately! Favorite Book: I just read “Above” by Isla Morley – it was so good!  It starts off a lot [...]


Weekend Fun + More

Who has a candy hangover? Bonus of being a parent – you get to enact a “Mom Tax” on your kid’s Halloween candy!  Hah.  On Friday, we had an awesome time trick or treating. I had no doubts that Henry would be really into it, as his favorite things are 1) talking to strangers; 2) [...]

Healthy Tipping Point