December 2013

Mushrooms Over Everything {Crockpot Recipe}

I’ve dusted off the old crockpot to create some tasty (vegetarian!) recipes.  Here’s the first one I made, which I will lovingly refer to as Mushrooms Over Everything because, well, you can put this mushroom dish over anything.  Rice, pasta, quinoa, a bed of warm kale.  Or just eat it plain! And it’s super easy, [...]


Next Race, Great Links

I WENT ON A RUN. I haven’t run a single step or lifted anything heavier than Henry since last Sunday.  No action.  Nada.  I’m finally 100% better, which means that TODAY IS THE BEGINNING of a better week.  Healthy food, productive time on the computer, and EXERCISE.  I set out to do 4.0 miles but [...]