November 2013


I am so incredibly happy that it’s clementine season.  I love those giant five-pound bags they sell at the store! Henry has also developed an obsession with clementines. To get him off bottles, I started bringing him up a snack in the morning (because I used to bring him a bottle). It’s usually a slice [...]


Good to Know: CPR Reminders

Thank you so, so  much for the kind words about Pippa.  Kristien and I are very upset and still feel extremely shocked by how quickly it happened.  It helped me greatly to write about and process my feelings and know that others would miss Pippa, too.  Sharing how I felt helped get me through the [...]


Goodbye, Pippa

It is with a heavy heart that I say that Pippa passed away this morning. Everything seemed fine. She wasn’t sick or lethargic. When I woke up, she greeted me outside my bedroom door as normal. She said hello to the dogs and ran upstairs with us to get Henry out of his crib.  She [...]


Make Your Own Swiffer Sweeper Pads + Solution

Back over the summer, Kristien and I visited our friends in Philadelphia. While staying at their house, I was introduced to the Swiffer Sweeper with wet pads. My girlfriend used the Swiffer in-between deep cleanings to pick up dirt, dog hair, and crumbs. I, of course, wanted to try it (you guys know how I [...]


He Doesn’t Like Oatmeal!

Good morning. A short poem about my weekend:   Another weekend is gone. I watched eight episodes of Breaking Bad. I tried to go running, but my knee hurt. It made me really sad.   Yup.  Still having problems with my knees after the race.  My knees started to ache (that old, unfortunately familiar Runner’s [...]


Rural Hill Sheepdog Trials and Dog Festival

An entire festival devoted to my favorite four-legged creatures! I think Kristien and I both had our doubts about the dog festival, but once we arrived, we immediately realized this was the PERFECT Sunday activity for a toddler who adores animals. And for adults who are easily amused.   Side note: When Henry saw that [...]


Lately On {Instagram}

You know how the first five minutes of a run is always terrible? You're stiff and cold, you wonder what you're doing, your legs just don't want to move as fast as you'd like. Running is a lot like life. Not many things come easily or naturally at first, but that doesn't mean they aren't [...]


Salad Trimmings

As mentioned, the eat-a-salad-a-day thing is going very well.  I like this challenge because it’s totally realistic and attainable (gotta eat something; might as well be green) and it’s yummy.  What I do NOT like about salads is there can be a lot of prep work involved. Fortunately, I live near a Trader Joe’s.  Man, [...]


Triathlon Gem

On the Friday before the Half Ironman, I attended a pre-race clinic put on by a local triathlon coach.  I figured that I could use all the help that I could get!  At the beginning of the meeting, he said that he hoped we each took away one triathlon “gem” from his talk.  He went [...]


Laura asked, “I was wondering if you could possibly give me some advice about exercising. I'm struggling at the moment in finding a balance with work and my personal life. I often get very stressed and find it difficult to switch off. In 2011, got into running (inspired by your blog!) and did two 10K [...]


I’m Lovin…

CinnaChip bread from Great Harvest is one of my favorite gluten-free treats. So tasty.  I bought a loaf yesterday, and we’ve already polished off half. It’s excellent for French toast!  But pretty delicious just with butter, too.   The salad-a-day thing has been going well, too.  It’s nice to eat a salad in between all [...]


I only have two Half Ironman-related posts left – a review of working with a tri coach and this post!  Coach Marni’s review was going to go up yesterday; I wrote the entire post and then my computer ate it.  Ahh!  So that means that we’re going to do this post first.  It’s a fun [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Although the Half Ironman is over, I thought it would be fun to continue the traditional of Last Week’s Workouts. It helps me stay accountable; plus, it gives a nice snapshot of what my week was like, at least in terms of healthy living. Here’s what I did this week:   Monday – Off (recover) [...]


I Can’t Brush My Teeth…

Because I went to kettlebells this morning.  Can’t… lift… arms…. Ouch. Isn’t it weird – and annoying – how fitness does not translate across different exercises? I hate that. I just ran a freaking Half Ironman and I couldn’t keep up with push-ups and squats. No fair!   Class was great, though. I haven’t done [...]

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