October 2013

Three Quirks About Me {Giveaway}

Two posts, one day. Chugging along, chugging along (how did I ever write three a day, six days a week?!).  This post is a good one because it features a little giveaway sponsored by the HTP household. I thought I’d reveal three quirks about me, three quirks about the Husband, and three quirks about Henry, [...]


I Had A Garage Sale

And I actually made a lot of money! So, a few week ago, I came to Kristien and said, “I think we should have a garage sale!” We had both been complaining about clutter – especially in the garage and kitchen – for a month or so.  I was also sick of opening closets and [...]


Chex-Encrusted French Toast

Goooood morning. How goes it? Did you have an extra-long weekend thanks to the holiday? We had a great weekend together as a family – it’s nice to spend that extra time together, especially since I’ll be traveling a lot for work next week. Hey, what’s your Halloween costume going to be? If you have [...]


Looking Back: Buying a House

I’m “looking back” over some big and small decisions (here’s my first post, on breastfeeding). Today, I thought I’d tackle home ownership. We bought our house about a year and a half ago, three months before Henry was born. We were so excited – after years of renting together, all we wanted was a place [...]


Woo To The Hoo!

I wish I could accurately express how EXCITED I am for my race – two weeks to go!  It’s consuming approximately 30% of my thoughts right now, which is actually a very high percentage for something that is just a hobby. There’s something else to be really, really excited about. I just finished my last [...]


Last Long Ride

Today is the day! My last long ride before my race! Training makes me LOL because by ‘last long ride,’ I mean anything over 2.5 hours. I still have a 2 hour one on my calendar next weekend.  But I’ll probably ride that inside during a nap, and that’s only 3 episodes of Orange Is [...]


Pukefest 2013

Good morning. Is it morning? Who am I? Where am I? Oh man. I’m so tired. MomHTP has been in town, which – of course – has been fabulous. Henry absolutely adores Grandma because Grandma really, really loves to play and has seemingly endless energy and affection to offer. That’s why I love her, too! [...]


The Half Ironman: A Poem

Some call me nuts, some think I’m crazy. I’m almost as sleep deprived as when I had a baby.   I thought it’d be cool to do a Half Ironman. So I found Coach Marni and training began.   I could already swim, bike, and run, but I said, “Doing this for 70.3 miles would [...]


Hey, January Joiners

Wine – awesome for drinking.  Wine bottle – excellent for emergency foam rolling. Wahoo! I’m home. And I’m so excited. Kristien and Henry had a blast while I was gone – three nights in a row – and did lots of fun activities. They went on numerous nature walks, attended swim school, and bought new [...]


Where Am I?

The last few days have been a whirlwind. On Saturday night, I drove 2.5 hours to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for our last Ramblin' Rose event of the 2013 season. This was our sixth and final event. At 800 women, it was also our largest.  I'm so sad the season is over. I really love [...]


Looking Back: Breastfeeding

My little baby is now a big boy.  It makes me so happy – and a little nostalgic and sad, too.  The first year of his life was such a beautiful blur, and it’s only now that I have really begun to process all the changes and growth that my little family experienced.   I’ve [...]



Oh, friends. I had such a nice week with my buddies Becki and Lauren.  Their trips only overlapped for a night, but it was so awesome to spend time together. It was super great to visit with Lauren; since she lives in Asia, our visits are few and far between.  Catching up was priceless, and [...]


First-Time Triathlon Logistics

A few weeks ago, I got this email from a reader named Kim…   I decided to sign up for my first triathlon! It's a sprint. Just started training yesterday. The event is October 20. I can't wait! Anyway, my biggest anxieties are about the logistics of the event... Like, how early should I arrive? [...]



Remember how I mentioned that BFF Lauren was flying in from Singapore? Well, the big secret was that our other great friend, Becki, was driving down from Philadelphia to surprise her.  I love surprises like that!   Becki, Lauren, and I all went to college together, but the reason that the Husband and I met [...]

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