February 2013

What Henry Is Reading Now

I love to read (you can search my Book Club! category for lots of book reviews) and hope to pass my passion for the written word down to Henry.  When I was pregnant, I had many daydreams about snuggling up with my baby to read him book after book after book.  In reality, it’s almost [...]


You Spin Me Right Round

Creepin’ on the spin bikes… I am having the hardest time making it to a spin class.  It’s impossible!  All the darn spin classes are in the morning, right at nap time.  I can never make it.  And, to complicate matters further, the gym’s childcare is currently overloaded – I guess it’s just that time [...]


The Dirt

And on President’s Day, we did the lawn. Oh, the lawn!  Our lawn has been quite the battle.  No one’s lawn looks great in the winter, but ours was a special kind of ugly.  The neighbors were starting to hate us for it, I think.  Our planters were covered in pine straw, but two or [...]


Eight months old! Oh, my little boy.  You seem more and more like a big boy every single day.  It makes me happy and sad all at once.  I remember when you were so tiny in my arms but couldn’t do many fun things, and now you make my arms ache from your heft and [...]


Family Dinner

My sister-in-law Sophie invited us over for dinner. I was very excited because Sophie is an excellent cook!  See?  A plate piled high with delicious things! It’s nice to have so many of the ‘kids’ living in the same city now.  The Husband + myself + Sophie + brother-in-law Nick.   Oh, and since I get [...]


Baked Cherry Oatmeal

It’s still so snowy out!  It’s rare for it to snow in Charlotte but even more unusual for the snow to stick to the ground.  It’s so lovely out.  I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to watch the new James Bond movie Skyfall.  SO good.  The movie had me on the edge [...]



All I can say is that when we went to lunch, and I had to choose between going on a run later and drinking a big ol’ blood orange margarita (because we all know that running and margaritas don’t mix very well…), I chose the drink.  I had no idea that Charlotte was about to [...]


What’s Up, Pup

The animals wanted a chance to say hi and tell you what they’re up to these days! Let’s start with the newest member of the zoo family – Pippa the cat.   Pippa is adjusting nicely.  She’s a talkative, engaging cat.  She likes to cuddle in bed with Kristien and me as we read at [...]


What’s In My Purse

Just for fun!  Be afraid.  Be very afraid. From the top, right to left:   My giant wallet Point and shoot camera charger Holistic Wellness Center chip clip Supplements Bath Habit lip chap Glitter purple nail polish Two forks (why not?) A Sharpie Operation Beautiful Post-Its Deodorant Sunglasses Random trash Baby socks A long and [...]


My Fun{ny} Valentine

Watch out!  If you blink, you may miss him. I had a truly excellent Valentine’s Day.  Actually, now that I think of it, it was probably the best Valentine’s Day that I’ve had in several years.   I had two dates on Valentine’s Day.   Wahoo, hoo – look out, sexy. Henry and I had [...]


Run Happy, Run the Chorus

Have I got a fun speedwork trick for you! I enjoy the act of doing speedwork and have gotten into the habit of doing it once a week.  But I haven’t been doing it the ‘traditional’ ways (and by that, I mean around a track or using a stopwatch).  I’ve been doing it to music. [...]



Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know…   About 1 BILLION Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged in the United States… but women purchase 85% of all cards (I guess that means we give lots of cards to friends, too!).   About 3% of pet owners give a Valentine’s Day gift to their dog or cat.  Henry [...]


Rise and Shine

Every day they’re hoverin’. Good morning!  How are you all?  I’m good.  I had a really great day yesterday, which – to be honest – was desperately needed because I haven’t been feeling my best lately.  Perhaps it’s just that time of the year.  But yesterday was awesome – I ended things on a high [...]


Not that running while pushing a 40+ pound load isn’t hard enough… 1. Do sprints.  Run as fast as you can for thirty seconds and then walk for thirty seconds.   2. Do squats.  Put the stroller in park and do several reps of squats.   3. Do walking lunges.  Take a running break and [...]