December 2012

How to Explain All These Santas?

The winner of the Sweet Santa Photo Contest is… Kaila and her son Asher Grae. And the winner of the Scary Santa Photo Contest is… Nina and her son Vincent. Thanks to everyone who voted, and congrats to the winners.  May your holiday be warm and bright!


Hits Your Lips

Everyone is feeling better!  Thanks, in part, to this concoction: In the blender:   Equal parts orange juice and apple juice Whole ginger Whole garlic Frozen blueberries Raw spinach   Tastes as disgusting as you would imagine.   Ew, garlic.   This made up for it: I love tempeh, but it’s definitely one of those [...]


It’s the End of the World as We Know It

I am painfully aware of my shortcomings.  I am bad with money, have a temper, get cranky when I’m hungry, and really lack patience.  I thought that when I became a mother, I would suddenly become wonderfully patient, but alas – life does not work that way (I actually think it’s the opposite…).  The ‘count [...]


Times Two

Well, I guess that was inevitable. Henry’s sick; I’m sick; it’s only a matter of time before the Husband, Maggie, James, and Pippa get sick, too.    I’m stepping away from the keyboard to try to recoup.  I’ve got no time for sickness.   Until then… Bagel French Toast with stir-fried strawberries, almonds, brown rice [...]


Snot River

If there ever was a day (is that even grammatically correct? I am so tired that I can’t decide) that I desperately needed an IV of coffee, it is today.  Poor Henry has the worst cold of his life.  The one and only symptom is snot pouring out of his little nose.  He didn’t sleep [...]


Scary Santa Photo Contest

I really loved putting together the Sweet Santa Photo Contest post.  Now more than ever, I so appreciated seeing all the sweet babes with their wonderful holiday smiles.  That being said… there is something really, really funny about Scary Santa photos.  I’m sure Scary Santa pics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s kind of [...]



I had a delusional moment when getting dressed for my run.  It was dark out and chilly, and for some reason, I thought it would be wise to wear shorts.  Um, whaaaat. It was NOT wise.  It was freezing out.  But it sure made me run the four miles much faster.   Another thing that [...]


Fast Food

I photograph my meals on pretty placements, but please – do not let that fool you.  Most of my meals are, in fact, eaten in the baby cage.  And when I say baby cage, I am referring to the more politically-correct playpen.  But we do call it the baby cage.  (My friend Sara and I [...]


Sweet Santa Photo Contest

Do you have any idea how much fun it was to compile the Sweet Santa / Scary Santa posts?  I can’t even put it into words!  And let me tell you – while it was difficult to choose the finalists for the Scary Santa post (which is going up tomorrow), but it was even harder [...]


Good Food

So much good food. In lieu of maple syrup, I’ve been using brown rice syrup, and it’s so much better!  You get that moist, yummy texture, but without the sting-my-teeth sweetness. Chips while working… And a few pieces of chocolate. And for lunch:  leftover squash and a brown rice, egg, arugula, onion, tomato, and soy [...]



Top 3 best days of my life:   My wedding Henry’s Birthday Yesterday Yes, a random Sunday in December makes the list.  In the wake of Friday’s school shooting, we, like so many Americans, took ‘off’ yesterday to focus on family.  I am not sure that I have ever been so painfully aware of the [...]


Ugly Christmas Sweater Dinner Party

After hosting Thanksgiving, I was feeling {relatively} good about my ability to throw a larger dinner party.  Bring on the holiday cheer!  Of course, every good dinner party needs a theme.  Ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone? We actually ended up on MSN for these sweaters – nothing related to the blog, I guess MSN just throught [...]


Eight Mistake

Remember how I wrote that I’m struggling to stick to my training plan for more than two weeks in a row?  That the third week is always the crap week?  Now I’m wondering if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy because I totally blew it this week.  Well, perhaps not totally, but I definitely didn’t make [...]


Gnosis Chocolate Giveaway ~ What Do You Love?

I always feel like such an butt when I write any post on a day like today, when I know there are families suffering so deeply after the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Nothing I could write about the situation could really do it justice, so I’ll just say that the loss of life is horrific, [...]

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