November 2012

Errands Like Whoa

Errands, errands, everywhere.  What an intense day of errands!  I felt like I was playing catch-up after our crazy-busy weekend and my work trip.    Errand number one consisted of high-tailing it to the new clinic for our professional photographs – gotta keep the website current!  Our friend, Sean Busher (who does amazing photography!), took [...]


Countdown to T-Day

It’s a one-handed OMGcoffee kind of morning. Eventually, I wised up and made it a babywearing kind of morning.  I guess Henry really did miss me when I went away on my business trip – he wouldn’t let me put him down this morning!  Not that I minded – I didn’t want to put him [...]


Can you believe it’s been nearly seven months since we wrapped up The Naked Face Project?  I certainly can’t. The Naked Face Project was a sixty-day challenge to give up all forms of feminine primping – I went two months without wearing any makeup, jewelry, fancy clothes or high heels; I stopped shaving entirely; and [...]


Being away from my baby is emotionally challenging.  I miss his cute little faces and his funny noises; I miss his snuggles and his drool smiles.  But being away is physically challenging, too, because I breastfeed.  Here’s what has worked for me so far (I’ve been away overnight twice, so I’m still trying to figure [...]


From Sunshowers to Snow

When I left Charlotte, it was raining.  When I touched down in Denver, it was sunny but crisp. And when I landed in Spokane, it was SNOWY. Thank goodness I actually checked the weather and packed a jacket (how many of these trips have I gone on and NOT packed a jacket?!).   My journey [...]


Life, Accelerated

Whoa.  I feel like my life is going a million miles an hour.   Actually, right now, I’m literally traveling 550 miles per hour (or so) and 30,000 feet in the air.  Yup – I’m back on the road again for an Operation Beautiful speaking event.  I do about 15 or 20 events a year [...]


Yo. Training.

Today is (most likely) going to be a rest day.  Wahoo!  I’m a week into ‘official’ half marathon training and feeling so great about things.  I’m really, really looking forward to the race, which I think the Husband and I are going to turn into an excuse to go on vacation (it’s in Florida).  Double [...]



Happy Five Months, Henry! A comparison to when he was just five days old… Time flies when you’re having fun… and buried in poopy diapers… and sleep deprived… and your house is covered in plastic toys… and you’re busy blowing raspberries on a squishy belly.  <3  Really and truly – where does the time go?! [...]


The 5K Everyone Should Run

It’s that time of year again – Girls on the Run 5k time!  If you are not yet aware of this AMAZING organization, GOTR is a character development after-school program for elementary and middle school girls that encourages a positive self-esteem through running.  At the end of the 12-week ‘season,’ the girls run a community [...]


Move… That… Office!

So many toys.  So little time. The adults’ mantra is currently, “So many boxes.  So little time.”  Day 1 and 2 of Operation Move the Clinic are complete.  That means that everything is out of the old office and into the new one.  It actually wasn’t too bad of an experience.  I don’t think there [...]


Smelly Saturday

Heck yes, Saturday. Today is the big day.  Operation Move the Clinic.  I am mostly just excited about the experience, but it is taking all weekend between packing, moving, set-up, doing the walk-through on our old place, and getting utilities turned on at the new place.  And, of course, it’s all made so much more [...]


We Need Your Soulutions

About a year ago, I got in touch with two women named Angela and Elizabeth.  They were working on a book called Soul Models: Women Transforming Challenge to Change.  The book highlights compassion as a way to navigate all challenges and includes stories from women who have used hardship as a way to help others.  [...]


Building a Base

Chomp. It’s a slow morning over here.  Per the usual.  A rough night with the wee one always leads to a slow morning.  Henry decided 5 AM was an excellent time to tell me all about his theories on… something.  It sounded important.  The baby babble is super cute so I can’t be annoyed.  But [...]


Lost and Found

I had a good day.  I met up with my mom group at a kids’ museum, and I hit up a consignment sale (and you know how I feel about consignment sales).  I did lose one of my favorite earrings – don’t you hate it when that happens?! – and one of Henry’s cute green [...]

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