November 2012

I Wish I Thought Of That!

Introducing… the best cat invention ever. While browsing cat litter boxes on Amazon (hello, Amazon Prime – free 2-day shipping – is the best. thing. that. ever. happened. to. me), I came across the Roll ‘N Clean Litter Box.  It was subtitled, “The litter box that cleans itself,” and has over 2,400 customer reviews ranking [...]


Cat Person

Good morning. I have an amazing cat invention to share with you… Stay tuned for the lunch post for it.  Cat lovers will surely appreciate this (any ideas what it could be?)!  I never thought I would count myself in the ‘cat lovers’ camp but I think Pippa is converting me…  Cats are pretty cool.  [...]


{Vlog} Why Do You Run?

ZOOMA recently forwarded me this YouTube video:  Why Do You Run?  I thought I’d do a vlog (video blog) answering this question because I found it so intriguing.   Check it out to not only hear my thoughts on why I run, but also to ooo and ahhh at Henry’s cute little old man cardigan.  [...]



Good morning.  Or should I say afternoon?  It’s a rather slow day around here.  I can’t seem to get much of anything done, but that’s to be expected with the wee one.  Let’s see… So far, we have had a baba (bottle) or two, played in the nursery (trying to associate it with fun times, [...]


Shake Your Pom Poms

It’s pomegranate season! Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits, but they sure are a pain to cut and prepare.  Almost as bad as cantaloupes!  The biggest issue with the lovely pom is the mess created by remove the arils.  But out of all the pomegranate cutting techniques that I’ve tried, this is definitely the [...]


Kitty Thanks and a Jogging Stroller Q

First things first:  Thanks for all the great advice regarding our first kitty.  To answer some questions:  Pippa will be an indoor cat.  We live near a very busy road.  It’s just not safe.  We aren’t going to declaw her, and I really do need to get her some toys and scratching posts.  And like [...]


Michelle Obama in CLT

When Michelle Obama rolls into town, she arrives in style. I had such an exciting and unforgettable afternoon.  I snagged a media pass to Michelle Obama’s rally, which took place at a hanger at the Charlotte airport.  At first, I was confused that her rally would take place in the airport, and that’s when I [...]



So excited! (Source)   I am off to see Michelle Obama give a press conference.  Considering that I missed both Obama and Clinton when they came to Charlotte for the DNC, I feel so lucky to see Michelle.  I don’t think I’ll get to talk to her or even get close, but here’s to hoping. [...]



Meet Pippa.  We adopted her from a rescue group over the weekend.  It seems spontaneous, but it was not.  We’ve been considering the idea to bring a kitty into our house for a few weeks.    It all started when our friends Nicole and Isaac rescued a cat named Roo from the shelter.  Roo is [...]


Brunch Munch at 5 Church

Kitty says thanks for the warm welcome! Her adoption story is coming soon, but for now – she’s living in the master bathroom and bedroom, trying to adjust to her new space.  She’s a pretty fearless kitty – with two BB pellets in her hip to prove it – so I’m confident she’ll be roaming [...]


Rock and Read 5K Race Recap (and More)

Whoa.  What a Saturday!  It started off in the best of ways – MomHTP had spontaneously decided to come visit!  Especially now that I have Henry, I miss my mom so much.  And it was fun for her to see the little guy – he’s learned a lot of new skills since she was here [...]


The Race Must Go On?

Update:  Mayor Bloomberg changed his mind – the race has been cancelled. First of all, let me say that I am deeply saddened about how Superstorm Sandy has devastated the East Coast.  As a survivor of a major hurricane (Andrew back in 1992), I know how disrupting and horrifying the experience can be for the [...]



Feelin’ so much better today.  No delayed reaction to that pesky avocado.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!  I even woke up before Henry – at 5:00 AM – and thought for a few glorious hours that he had truly slept through the night (11 PM to 5:30 AM). Turns out that Kristien slept upstairs and [...]


Shot It To Me

Hmph.  And I was having such a good day! We started off with a trip to the children’s museum for playtime with six of my friends and their babies.  We had a blast.  It made me realize how badly I need to get out of the house during the week.  I thought Henry may be [...]

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