September 2012

Pistachio Stir Fry {Step-By-Step}

Remember this lunch? It was so tasty that I decided to recreate it tonight and put together a little step-by-step tutorial for everyone.    The ingredients?  Brown rice, steamed kale, onion, carrots, pistachios, and Italian dressing.  Tonight, I added some tofu for an extra little protein punch.  There are no exact measurements – just make [...]


Race Registration: What Type Are You?

Do you plan your races out in advance? A) Of course.  I map out my entire year, do small events every month or so, and culminate my training with one big event. B) Kind of.  About half of the time, I follow 2 – 4 month training plans and plan to do an event at [...]



Good morning.  I think? Alright.  This has become my go-to breakfast.  I have it about five out of seven mornings… it’s just so easy and tasty.  And it keeps me feeling full forever, which is very important because for the first time in my life, I occasionally ‘forget’ meals <—never happened before.  What can I [...]


National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

For every headband purchased from Headbands of Hope, the organization donates a headband to a girl who has lost her hair after cancer treatment.  Headbands of Hope and Operation Beautiful are teaming up – very soon, we’ll be releasing a special Operation Beautiful headband to support HoH’s mission.  Until then, it’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness [...]



Well, there’s something you don’t see every day.   Yes. A horse on a leash.  Henry and I were on a walk this morning, and as we trudged up a big hill, I looked into the distance, saw another walker, and thought, “I think that lady is walking a mini horse.”  And – would you [...]


Gratitude Squared

Last night, I was in bed, thinking about how today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  Crazy how time flies and yet it still seems like yesterday.  I decided that today, in honor of everything that has happened since, I would go through the motions of my normal life and be grateful for each experience.  [...]


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while! As I wrote the first time that I tackled the breastfeeding topic:   One of the things that I’ve realized about nursing is that is really can be difficult and trying (both physically and emotionally), as well as totally amazing, and it helps to hear [...]



Did you know that Dalmatians are spotless at birth?  And that dachshunds (like my Maggie) were ‘designed’ to hunt badgers – their long bodies are perfect for burrowing in badger holes?  More fun facts: the Basenji breed is the only one that doesn’t bark – they yodel.  One survey found that 1/3 of dog owners [...]


The 3 S’s

Thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments and feedback on my You Are Getting Very Sleepy… post.  I ran out (okay, I sent the Husband out) and immediately bought Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, which many people recommended.  It was also helpful for me to hear that Henry’s behavior is well within the [...]


You Are Getting Very Sleepy…

Lately, I feel like I say/think/write the same sentences over and over again:  “I am so tired,” “Henry gave me a run for money last night,” and “Where the hell is my coffee?”  Completely obvious statement of the century:  babies are exhausting.  I feel a little bad complaining about it because – of course – [...]


Running Buddy

Have you done your Saturday workout yet?  I did!  Oh yeah.  I haven’t been blogging all my runs, but I’ve been following a 10K training plan, and I was due for a long run of 4.0 miles.  I tried to squeeze it in last night but didn’t end up leaving until 7:30 PM – so [...]


Word Art

I confess… I’ve been dabbling in fiction writing between naps and playtime.  It’s nice to have found something just for me; it’s a good way to exercise my adult brain instead of my mommy brain.  So our activity of the day – finishing up the chalkboard wall.  The big idea behind the chalkboard wall is [...]



What do working Americans do all day, anyway? (Infographic Source and full article)   Well, today isn’t a workday for me, but so far, I have…   Slept for 5 hours in a hotel, waking up every two hours to check on the imaginary baby sleeping in the imaginary bassinet next to me.   Spent [...]


OB in Chattanooga

Hey, Chattanooga!  So nice to be here.  Even if just for a short time! Speaking events are back in full swing!  I’m excited to get back out there and talk about Operation Beautiful (I normally do about 15 events a year; this year won’t be as busy because of Henry).  Speaking of the little man, [...]

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