September 2012

Halloween on the Horizon

I may have blown off my run last night, but I was determined not to wuss out today.  Come sunshine or rain! In the mornings, the Husband and I often tag team our runs.  It’s the only way to make it work with such a little bebe.  I usually set out first, do 3 – [...]


Home Office

So, last night I commented that my attempt at Do-It-Yourself wall art was no better than an elephant painting.  And several people pointed out that some elephants are, actually, really good artists.  (Source)   Hah.   My DIY art is a fail (here’s proof), but the rest of the house is coming along quite nicely!  [...]


Running in the Street {Safely}

Did you know that the road is actually softer than the sidewalk?  Crazily enough, it’s true.  If you suffer from running-related joint pain, you can find some relief from running on the shoulder of the road (running in the grass is even better… or just take a break… you know what I mean!).  Of course, [...]



Oh, if only keeping your commitments was as easy as tweeting about them… Sleeping is for babies.  All the cool kids want to stay up and PLAY. And PLAY and PLAY and CRY and PLAY and EAT. Awww, it’s okay.  I’ll take a baby cuddle any day.   I really did have the best of [...]


Two Dogs and a Baby

Back in 2006, we got our first furbaby – Maggie.  In January 2007, we had our second furbaby  – James.  And then, four and a half years later, I gave birth to our real baby – Henry.  For the time prior to Henry, our dogs were our entire world.  We planned our days around them, [...]


Double Time

Recently, my brother-in-law Nick moved in with us.  If you’ve been reading for a long time (thank you!), you may remember Nick from our days in Orlando.  He decided to be closer to family and headed up to Charlotte, and he’s staying with us for a few months.  I think, generally speaking, having in-laws live [...]


Easy Sunday

Not much going on over here – it’s an easy Sunday.  A little bit of playing… Some music… (Henry continues to be obsessed with Celine Dion.  I’m trying to get him hooked on Journey.  Don’t start stop beee-lievin’. )   And a little cooking…   A ‘shroom and onion omelet.  With a English muffin on [...]


Up To Something

Happy Saturday! Here’s what I was up to today: Well, for one, I broke one of My Four Rules of Running and ran back-to-back days.  After yesterday’s awesome 5-mile run, I was feeling extra motivated and decided to attempt to bang out another 4 today, which would’ve brought my weekly total to 15.  I don’t [...]


Best Thai in {Your} Town

First things first:  I am pleased to report that I implemented the dream feed technique last night (here’s a quick breakdown; I’ll do a longer explanation in a week or so), and Henry only woke up ONCE all night.  Compared to the usual two to four (or five) wake-ups, it was incredible.  In-freaking-creible.  EVERYONE seems [...]


Henry is only 94 days old, and yet I already can’t really remember what life was like before him.  I can’t believe that three months have passed since giving birth – he’s grown up so much.  I call him my Big Boy now.  After all, he does big boy things like hold toys and take [...]


Five for Fighting {+ A Sports Bra Review}

When I began to run again after a 28 week hiatus (I stopped running at 16 weeks pregnant and didn’t start up again until 4 weeks post-partum), I knew I could look at my return to fitness in two ways.  Either  “I am slow, my endurance is crap, and I’m carrying all this extra weight” [...]


Let ‘Em Eat Lentils

My goal for tonight is NOT to do what I did last night, which was stay up until midnight working on a contract for the clinic and eating four of these epic cookies.  Whoops. Easier said than done, of course.   At least I have a healthy dinner under my belt.  Good place to start. [...]


Grown Up Time

When I came home from the hospital, a nurse told me that my best chance of getting breastfeeding to work was to take a ‘nursing vacation’ and just sit on the couch for a week straight doing nothing but nursing.  (We know how that turned out, but it was still good advice.)  I’ve decided to [...]


Autumn! {Plus, More Baby Sleep}

Only nine days until the official start of fall – but it seems like it’s here in Charlotte already!  I can’t wait for this: And this: As well as:  turning off the air conditioner at night, Halloween festivities, sweaters, scarves, boots (yay, boots!), running outside and not getting sweaty, and – of course – lots [...]

Healthy Tipping Point