May 2012

Your First Race

Happy Moan-day.  I could’ve slept better, so I made it up to myself with this delicious breakfast. Looks fancy-pants, but it’s really just plain old French toast with banana, sunflower seeds, and coconut, all stacked together in a pretty way.    Presentation counts for a lot.  Maybe not for 8 hours of solid sleep, but [...]



Sunday showers… Bring May flowers! Another busy day – I swear, my weekend hasn’t been this packed in months.  My friend Heather had her baby shower, and it was very fun.  I’m one of those (rare?) people who actually LOVE showers.  Love bridal showers, love baby showers.  Nothing is more fun than watching someone else [...]


Weekend So Far

I’m a serious commitmentphobe.  When it comes to rugs, that is. Normally, I’m pretty good at deciding what I want, whether it’s in my price range, and taking out my wallet.  True story:  when I purchased my first car, I found it online, headed to the dealership, opened the car door, looked inside, and said, [...]


Best Sushi in {Your} Town

Remember when I said that we were going to try to squeeze in as many date nights as possible prior to baby’s arrival?  Yeah.  I said that… last night.  And we’re back out tonight. Tonight, we headed out for sushi at my vey favorite sushi restaurant – and quite possibly my favorite Charlotte restaurant – [...]


More Accountability

New obsession: lentils + cheese sammie. The pre-cooked lentils are my new favorite Trader Joe’s item (here’s a list of all my favorite Trader Joes goodies).  Expect me to overdose on lentils in the next two months or so.  They are especially yummy warmed and smothered in Havarti cheese! With greens. Creating Accountability Follow-Up   [...]


Sunshine and Whey

Long walk with James:  Check. Delicious breakfast: Check. You know how a person can say one thing one time and it sticks in your mind forever?  A few years back, my mom asked me why I kept the plastic films on the tub after opening a container of yogurt or cottage cheese (the answer: I’m [...]


5 Church

Look at us – out on a school night! Uptown Charlotte (yes, we call downtown ‘Uptown’ – not sure why) has a new restaurant – it’s called 5 Church.  The restaurant had its grand opening tonight, and the Hus and I were lucky enough to somehow squeeze a complimentary spot on the invite list.   [...]


Know-It-All Lasagna

This awesome list of advice for college graduates (Congrats, New Grads! By the Way, You Don’t Know Anything) had me simultaneously laughing hysterically and nodding my head – yes, yes, yes! – non-stop.   Here’s what I’ve learned in the ‘real world:’   When I got my first job after college, I was so thrilled to [...]


Wag More

I am going to take some of my own advice about accountability and create a star chart – but just for James.  I realized last night that I’ve been seriously slacking on taking him for long walks since we got a fenced-in yard, and it’s showing all over him.  The Hus took James to the [...]


Shannon asked: “Do you have any quick tips to help with accountability and working out at home? I have great intentions to get healthier.  I’ve cleaned up my eating habits and am taking my vitamins... now, I have to be consistent at working out.  I’ll work out for a week and end up taking an [...]


The nursery tour!   I must have pregnancy brain because yesterday, I spent the entire day telling people I was three weeks from my due date.  40 weeks minus 36 weeks is 4 weeks, not 3.  Meh.  Well, regardless, Happy 36 Weeks, BabyHTP!   I’m feeling pretty good this week.  I have really bad carpal [...]


Reading Now

What are you reading right now?  I’m reading Leading at the Edge (one of the contributors, Jillian, is a blog reader and thought I might like it).  Plot summary from Amazon: “Stranded in the frozen Antarctic sea for nearly two years, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team of 27 polar explorers endured extreme temperatures, hazardous [...]


Porch Fried

I thought Thursday was my last day workin’ at the clinic, but it turns out that I got called in today to cover the shift.  Guess I just can’t stay away from the old desk.   It was a long day, and when we got home, the Hus and I changed out of our work clothes, [...]


10 Wacky, Tacky, and Insane Races

I’ve gotten to the point in my pregnancy (three weeks to go!) that I’m doing anything and everything to get my mind off the waiting-for-baby game.  Waiting sucks.  My favorite way to pass the time?  Researching races, of course.  Not that I’ll be racing again anytime soon, but it is fun to build an imaginary [...]