May 2012

Lie In

I felt like a walking zombie this morning. We have accomplished absolutely nothing today.  The temperature is hovering at 90 degrees, the heat is overwhelming, and both the Husband and I feel incredibly sloth-like.  We literally laid on the floor of the living room for well over two hours doing the, “What do you want [...]


Dadchelor Party

Have you ever heard of a dadchelor party?  It’s basically like a bachelor party, but for first-time dads.  Complete with bar crawl and acts of public humiliation.  Tonight was the Husband’s and our friend Sean’s dadchelor celebration.  I would show you the front of these shirts, but the guys may kill me.   Here’s a description: [...]


Best Fitness Apps

Make way for Anne P’s Peanut Butter Bars! The Husband has been searching high and low for a gluten-free, diary-free, non-disgusting bar that is relatively low in sugar and higher in protein.  He just can’t seem to find one he really likes, except certain KIND bars, which tend to be very pricey.  I suggested we [...]


Crash and Burn

Morning.  I would say GOOD morning but I feel all sorts of yucky today.  And by yucky, I mean ‘extraordinary pregnant.’ Hah.   Flower pictures to cheer me up, of course! I still can’t believe we haven’t killed every single flower that I planted.  We’re proving to have less of a collective black thumb than [...]


Tea with Tonya

Look who I found! Why, that’s my (former) neighbor, Tonya!  You may remember her – last spring, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (Lost and Found in the Garden).  People were so touched by her story and strong faith that strangers from all over the world pulled together to donate over $20,000 to [...]


My iPhone Life

Morning.  French toast, anyone? I’m loving the concept of grilling sunflower seeds into the French toast.  I just sprinkle them on the egg side when the bread is on the griddle and carefully flip it over so the seeds stay in place.    On top:  more sunflower seeds, berries, Greek yogurt.  Mmm.   Are you [...]


Dachshund Cob

When I was in high school, I had an obsession with penguins.  I loved penguins.  One year, at Christmas, everyone bought me penguin stuff.  Penguin blankets, penguin light switch plates, penguin mugs, penguin earrings (oh, God – no!).  I was swimmingly in penguin.  Finally, I had to tell everyone that I no longer liked penguins [...]


BabyHTP: 37 Weeks

Pregnancy: My expectations v. my reality   Today is a very big day, indeed!  Today marks 37 weeks of pregnancy. That means that I’m officially ‘term’ (although I’m not due until 40 weeks), and if BabyHTP was born today, he or she would not be considered premature.  What a relief!  There are, of course, many [...]


Ode to Cereal

Sometimes, all you want is cereal.  I’m loving Rice Chex lately.  It’s inexpensive, available at every grocery store I walk into (not just the fancy ones), is gluten-free, has a pretty short ingredient list, and only has two grams of sugar per serving.  Also – I love that it doesn’t get instantly soggy in the [...]



Know the feeling? Sometimes, you really do just have to shove your booty out of the chair or off the couch and get out the door.  James and I ended up going for a post-work 30-minute walk – I was quite proud of myself for not totally blowing off exercise.    Walking for the win! [...]


Something to Talk About

Aw.  This lunch didn’t turn out quite as I hoped, but it was still pretty tasty. I was aiming for gooey casserole but ended up with crumbly casserole. In the mix: brown rice, ricotta cheese, yellow squash, leeks, broccoli, nutritional yeast, egg, and milk.  Topped with Havarti cheese.  I think the problem was the ricotta [...]


Our breakfast ‘drink tray’ makes me laugh.  This is the minimum amount of drinks that will be on the drink tray any given morning (water and tea, plus an extra cup of brewed tea – can’t let it sit in the pot with the leaves or it gets bitter).  Sometimes, there are three or four [...]



This is probably not an appropriate book to bring to the midwives’ office. This is.  I’m trying to re-read all my Bradley Method books prior to d-day (delivery day, of course).   Yes, I have fallen prey to the trend that is Fifty Shades of Gray.  I have mixed feelings (mainly, I don’t understand the [...]


How to Take Care of Your Swim Gear

Toes are almost out of sight. Great swim this morning!  DadHTP and I headed to the pool bright and early and did 0.5-mile.  We’ve figured out that we have to work around the water aerobics schedule – they close down one of three lap lanes to accommodate the old ladies and gents doin’ their thang [...]

Healthy Tipping Point