March 2012

Blue Door

Whew.  The painting spree is complete.  The grand finale of the spree was painting the front door, which was previously a weathered dark green.  I really love cheerful, colorful doors, and during the house hunt process, houses got extra points for fun front doors.  So it made sense to upgrade ours ASAP.   My color [...]



I have decided that there are two types of people in this world: those who like to assemble IKEA furniture and those who loathe the process.  Guess which type I am?   I love it!  Sure, assembly can drive  you a bit crazy, but there’s something soothing about the little cartoon directions.  Just follow it [...]


Oats + A Hunger Game Review

Step 1: Step 2: Change is in the air!   My goal this weekend, like last weekend, is to be as active as possible.  Hopefully this includes two long walks or gym sessions.  This might be a challenge, however, because we also want to do as much moving as possible (which I’m thinking will double [...]


Making a House a Home

Even though we’ve owned the home for only 26 hours, we’ve made lots of progress!  The Husband began to paint the nursery, which was really exciting. (The color is Sherwin Williams Cityscape.)   Our inspiration for the nursery is this image.  Although we’re not going to copy every part of it, my mother-in-law is going [...]


Hungry Friday

Who’s excited that it’s FRIDAY?  Me, me, me! Not only it is a wonderful spring day out there in Charlotte…   But it’s also The Hunger Games movie release day.  I am not ashamed in the slightest to admit that I bought tickets nearly a week ago.  Oh, and I shook the Husband awake this [...]


6 Things I Did Today

#1: Signed my name 46 times (yes, I counted) and bought a house! I nearly threw up.  And my palms were so sweaty. COMMITMENT!   #2: Drove to the new house and began to strip wallpaper within three hours of being handed the keys.  DIY, yo.  Get it started.  The wallpaper put up a decent [...]


The Naked Face Project, Week 8

On Consumerism New to this series?  Please check out The Naked Face Project website and my introduction to TNFP to get a complete understanding of the intention behind the Project.   I was recently thinking about how The Naked Face Project relates to consumerism.  I believe that the primary goal of advertisements is to make [...]



Last night, this was me: Fuel ‘er up!  Sunflower butter + banana smoothie and toast with cottage cheese: Today is a very special day…. We are closing on our first home!    If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember we went through a horrible house buying experience this past summer.  After searching [...]


Pay Me in Ice Cream

Good evening! You know how Maggie will give eye contact for treats?  Well, I will run errands for ice cream.   Specifically, Ben and Jerry’s. Funny marriage moment… The Husband comes into my ‘office’ (AKA desk nook) and asks me to run an errand with him.  I pause and say, “Weeeeell, I will go with [...]


BabyHTP: 28 Weeks

Happy 28 weeks, BabyHTP! Truthfully (and I know this sounds so superficial), the most exciting baby-related part of this past week was going shopping for new maternity clothes.  It’s hot as heck in Charlotte, and squeezing into my pre-pregnancy tanks, floaty tops, and shorts is just not an option.  Times (and body parts) have changed, [...]


Old Word Wednesday

Did you read this book as a kid? Not sure why, but I woke up with The Face on the Milk Carton in my head.  Guess those brain neurons took a break from random play on the jukebox and decided to spontaneously pick a book off my brain’s shelf.  Anyway, it’s a Young Adult book [...]


To-Go Dinner

Major accomplishment of the day:  I convinced 14 elementary school girls to meditate quietly for 10 minutes.  Namaste, girls! Today’s Girls on the Run lesson was about ‘taking time for yourself’ and finding ways to de-stress.  After talking a bit about why kids and adults need to de-stress and their favorite ways to relax (which [...]


Will Give Eye Contact for Treats

The best part of Maggie and James is that they are so in love with each other but are polar doggie opposites.  James is really well-behaved and quiet, does tricks, loves to go on long walks, and actually listens to what we have to say.  Maggie is really naughty and needy, was kicked out of [...]


Seven Awesome Resources from the EWG

Crazy morning. I find it endlessly ironic that the same week that I’m closing on my first home, I’m helping DadHTP look for a rental house. I’m up to my eyes and ears in real estate!  The Charlotte rental market is SUPER tight.  When I got a call this morning that a listing was available, [...]