January 2012

BabyHTP: Week 19

Around 4 AM, I was woken up by the baby – the first time this has happened!  And then she/he proceeded to thump me 12 times in a row, even kicking back when I poked the foot with my finger.  We went from a maximum of 4 thumps in a row to 12, right in [...]


Sweet Dreams

Did you miss…   So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Swimming So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Cycling So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Running   Further installments on transitioning and training coming soon! I have a question… Why do you dream about people you haven’t seen in 10 years (and really weren’t that close [...]


No Thank Fu

An apple a day: Today ended up being a fine day, indeed.  Very productive.  We pulled a long shift at the clinic, I munched on an apple and cashews, and eventually, we took a dinner break.   We headed to Mama Fu’s, which I suspected would be comparable to mall food court Chinese… and it [...]


Dog Wrangler

How goes it?  It’s kind of funny, but after writing a post on choosing to be positive, I’ve been in a really crap mood all day long!  I feel really uncomfortable today – the bump is getting bigger and compressing my lungs – and just a bit off.    I was very excited to hit [...]


Doomsdayin’ It

One of my really good friends is also pregnant with her first child, and this weekend, she called me to rant about the insensitive things that people say to you when you’re pregnant.  Her rant was about how a family member told her that she was going to gain all this extra weight, her breasts [...]


Snack On This

Hey, hey.  A book, edited. When I’ve got a big project to do, I like to set up a work station with everything I could possibly need for the next hour within easy reach.  Otherwise, I find far too many excuses to take breaks for water, snacks, my iPhone (because, you know, Facebook is essential [...]


Homemade Nachos

Cannot get enough of Mexican-inspired eats lately! I love making homemade nachos.  Especially with blue corn chips, which are so much tastier (and prettier!) than the regular ones.   All under the broiler:   Blue corn chips Cheddar cheese Refried beans Corn salsa Red salsa Funny story about blue corn chips:  The only way we [...]


Need Some Motivation?

Ah.  Monday.  You come again.  Just like clockwork.  Yogurt mess:   Vanilla Greek yogurt Raw oats Sesame-seed cashews Blueberries   I find that if there is any day I need a little extra boost, it’s Monday.  So here are my favorite recent pins from Pinterest.com that relate to healthy living motivation.   Because if a [...]


Also check out  So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Swimming and So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Cycling Many first-time triathletes began their racing career as runners (like me!).  For that reason, I think the running leg is the least feared of the three triathlon sports – but the truth is that a triathlon run [...]


A Big Boy Now

Good morning!  I hope your weekend is going well.  We’re having a nice Sunday. Actually, today is an extra-special Sunday because today is James’s sixth birthday.  Such a big boy now!   Old, grey, and wise.  Well, wiser.   James when he was 1 (when we adopted him from the shelter in Pittsburgh)… Versus James today.  [...]


Eat My Bubbles

It’s so cold outside that some of us are forced to wear jackets indoors! Others were lucky enough to be born in a nice, thick fur coat. And still others resort to fleece jackets, slippers, hot tea, and a warm bowl of oats. I was up and at ‘em so early – well, for me [...]


Dinner Success

If you recall, this week was Eat Real Dinners Week.  And guess what?  I managed to do home-cooked meals all week long (to clarify, my goal was all work week since that when I’m the laziest about cooking).  And none of my meals this week included a peanut butter sandwich and ice cream straight from [...]


Winter Running Gear

Carolina style. It’s only (ha!) 40 degrees outside, but according to the weatherman, it feels like 33.  For a native Miami girl, that is cold.  Ridiculously so.  Hence why I haven’t run outside in 13 days – since the New Year New You 5K.   Essential gear for staying warm in Carolina winter weather: Must [...]


Paper Crush

Who’s looking towards the weekend? Me, me, me!   I’m currently working my way through this: The ‘first pass’ of the Healthy Tipping Point book!  When it arrived in the mail yesterday, I thought – “Damn.  That’s a lot of paper.  When did I write all of that?”  I feel like this summer passed by [...]