January 2012

Check out  So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Swimming, So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Cycling, and So You Wanna Do a Triathlon: Running   Writing these posts really, really makes me want to do another triathlon!  There are two transitions during a triathlon: Transition 1 and Transition 2, known as T1 and T2 for [...]


Chilly But Toasted

I am happy to hear that lots of other people brush their teeth in the shower and talk to their pet.  No one else kissed Ricky Martin, though… It is dreary and cold out.  I would like to be back in bed.  But alas – the show must carry on!   This show must get [...]


Little Confessions

Sometimes I run to the Twilight score and pretend I’m a speedy vampire.   I brush my teeth in the shower.  It’s more efficient.   My personal pet peeve is unnecessary emails that simply say, “Okay!” or “Thanks!”  When I accidentally send one myself, I nearly kneel over in shame.   Every Sunday, I wash [...]


Schemin’ and Steamin’

I spent the morning scheming with Molly Barker.  Molly’s the founder of Girls on the Run.  We’ve been scheming a lot lately.  I have a fun joint project to reveal next Monday! It’s going to be…. well, suffice it to say that it’s going to be interesting. While we took a break from brainstorming, I [...]



Have you chosen your healthy intention for the week? I find this little exercise always gets my Monday off to a good start.  My healthy intention for the week is to drink more water, more regularly.  I tend to ‘forget’ to hydrate until 7 PM, and then I start slamming cups of H2O.    I’ve [...]



It’s been five months, but today I faced my fears and headed back to yoga. (Shirt from For Two Fitness)   I used to be a pretty regular yogini.  My practice tapered off during the summer (too hot for hot yoga!) and then came to a complete standstill when we found out I was pregnant. [...]


Simple Sunday

More acupuncture, more sleep!  And it feels so, so good. Happy Sunday.  We have a fun, relaxing day planned, and I’m very much looking forward to getting it started.   You know, I think this yogurt mess is my absolute favorite combination. Simply:   Raw oats Vanilla Greek yogurt Sliced banana Sesame-seed covered cashews Do [...]


Working Up

A few weeks ago, I spotted this sign at the pool: My new goal is to make my weekly ‘long swim’ a mile.  Currently, I swim 1/2 a mile or a little further twice a week, so I think a mile is a reasonable goal.    Although I definitely need to increase my physical stamina, [...]


Well-Rested, To Say The Least

I grew up 20 miles from South Beach.  Yes, the South Beach.  And yet I only went to the beach about three or four times a year, usually when I went to visit my grandparents in north Florida. Why?  Because when you live next to a beach, you take it for granted and never go.  [...]


I’m a firmer believer that health equals balance.  But balance is a tricky thing because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.  It’s hard to define.  Balanced looks different from person to person as they go through life’s ups and downs – even changing on a day-to-day basis!  Sometimes balance means pushing yourself to exercise harder.  Sometimes it [...]


Channa Masala Mini Quiches

Things I wish I never had to tweet at 3:43 AM: I have become convinced that my Type A personality is simply preparing me in advance for the realities of a crying newborn.  By the time this baby comes, I will be an old pro at spending hours awake in the middle of the night, [...]


Woof It

Meet my personal trainer.  He has very big muscles under all that fur.  Of all the reason I love my dogs – and there are so many – I especially love James today because without him, I would’ve succumbed to the 4 PM sleepies and never gotten off the couch.    Some personal trainers motivate [...]


No Sneaking

Two days ago, I thought it was Thursday.  But today actually is Thursday, which is a wonderful thing! We have the day off from work – today was all about our anatomy ultrasound.  I can’t even believe they have the technology to do this, but around 20 weeks, the doctor can check out the growing [...]


All Greek to Me

Last night was a bit o’ a whirlwind.  We drove 130 miles to Clemson University, and I delivered an Operation Beautiful presentation. Kristien and I met as freshmen in college (it took us a while to get around to dating), so we had lots of fun roaming the Clemson campus and pretending to be lovebird [...]

Healthy Tipping Point