June 2011

Drinks and Bowl Cuts

Last night, I ended up staying up waaaay too late (it was worth it, though), drinking lots of wine and eating lots of chocolate with Nicole, Isaac, and the Husband.  We didn’t do anything special, just sat around our living room and debated spirituality and how babies breathe in the womb.  Weird.   Oh, and [...]


Friday Night in Pictures

Have a good night!


One Amazing Sandwich

Please, please make this sandwich ASAP.  It was truly amazing.  And so simple! In between two slices of bread:   Hummus (any flavor would do, but mine was a white bean and basil type from Trader Joe’s) Goat cheese Mashed warm kidney beans (drained and rinsed) And it looked pretty, too!   Some steamed greens [...]


Not That Kind of Herbalist

When people find out that the Husband is an acupuncturist and herbalist, they inevitably ask one of four questions:   An herbalist?! Does that mean he can get me a prescription for medical marijuana? (No.)   An acupuncturist?!  Is he Asian?  (No.)   Did he go to school for that?  (Yes – he took a [...]


Doin’ Life

Back in September, I posted a link to Ben Does Life and his epic YouTube video that chronicled his journey from 360 pounds to 240 pounds in 21 months. Get your freakin’ tissues ready.   Inspiring, right?  Well, Ben inspired so many people with his YouTube video that he decided to create an entire Do [...]


Fresh Basil Pasta Salad

Afternoon!  The Husband and I are running around like little maniacs, trying to get errands done and see patients at the clinic.  And I’m squeezing in some writing in between.  Whew!   Sesame-seed coated cashews as a snack: Straight outta the bag.   And lunch was this amazing Fresh Basil Pasta Salad.  Super simple, but [...]


Race and Repeat

I went out on a school night!  It was fun but I stayed up way too late. Diana, Sarah, and Katy grabbed Yoforia with me.   There’s a big courtyard in front of the fro-yo place that is always packed with people and their dogs, so I brought James along, too.    Good times.   I always [...]


Straight Through

Now – don’t get me wrong.  I love walking breaks.  HUGE fan of the walk!  But there is something special about running straight through without needing to take a break.   I haven’t run three miles without walking since March, but this morning – I killed it. Pre-run snack of 1/2 a bowl of some random [...]


I Am A Sucker

Maggie is a good dog.  She is super sweet and loving.  But she is really, really…   Dumb. And loud.   Let me explain.  Maggie is truly one crayon short of a full box.   The lights are on, but no one is home.  A few screws short of a hardware store.  About as sharp as [...]


More Motivation

James has been giving me the “walkmenowmommy” eyes all afternoon.  Don’t those little brown eyes just BORE through your screen?  Guess I better go walk my little buddy!   The Husband made dinner.  I worked quite late.  I try not to interrupt writing streaks – too close to deadline (less than three months = close [...]


A Green Twist

The winner of the Operation Beautiful giveaway grand prize is Macrae.  The runner-up recipients Lena and Caroline Leigh, both receive copies of the Operation Beautiful book.  Thanks for two wonderful years of Operation Beautiful!   So – many people have asked why my Mmmm Sauce is green and Mama Pea’s original recipe is more yellow.  The [...]


Motivation, Wherefore Art Thou?

Last call to enter the Operation Beautiful 2-year anniversary giveaway!   Lots of people think that to be a “motivated” person, you must feel enthusiastic and dedicated to work out every single day.  If you don’t, you are clearly not motivated and there is definitely something wrong with you.    The trouble with this thought [...]


Bike in the Way

I haven’t put my bike ‘away’ (she lives in the office) since my triathlon.  First, she lived in the car for four days, and now, she’s residing in the hallway.  If she hangs out in the hall long enough, do you think I’ll actually ride her on the street? Hmm.  I’ll let you know how [...]


A Nighttime Run and a Glutino Review

Remember how I felt oh-so-lazy last night?  Nicole ended up giving me a call to chat.  After 10 minutes of phone gossip, I realized we could continue the conversation on a run (we live next door to each other), so I asked if she wanted to head out.  She said yes, and we ended up [...]

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