March 2011

Garlic Breath

As you might suspect, whenever I feel subpar, the Husband gleefully claps his hands together, laughs a throaty acupuncturist cackle, and starts shoving holistic medication down my throat.  It’s his chance to flex his natural medicine muscle.   Today’s trick are these super-potent garlic pills.  I popped two in my mouth and made the mistake [...]


Rise and Function

There might not be much shining going on today (I feel rundown and it’s gloomy out), so all I can commit to is rising and functioning.  :) My sister-in-law and my father-in-law are staying until Sunday, and Sophie made everyone a bunch of eggs and toast.  The idea of eggs wasn’t too pleasing (tummy ache), [...]


I used to have a love/hate relationship with vegetables.  Mostly, I hated the taste and texture of many veggies, but I knew I was suppose to eat them.  So maybe it was more of a forced-love/hate relationship.  :)  In fact, when I started this blog, I would openly say, “I hate vegetables."   But over [...]


Kiki Magazine Giveaway

Earlier this month, I wrote about my love for Kiki magazine, a pre-teen magazine for “girls with style and substance.”  Kiki includes articles on fashion, books, crafting, travel, news, and other topics, and they feature real girls as their models.  Pretty cool!   Do you know a girl (intended for 8 – 12 year olds) [...]


Clif Bar Yogurt Mess + Lululemon Review

We’re out of several key breakfast staples (i.e. oatmeal and eggs) so I had to get a little creative with breakfast. No raw oats?  No cereal?  Nothing a Clif bar can’t do. In the mix:   Clif bar Greek yogurt Sunflower seeds Chia seeds Banana Two New Favorites   I am always on the lookout [...]


World’s Quickest Road Trip

Today, we drove round-trip from Charlotte to Atlanta in one big roundtrip.  We were picking up Sophie, my sister-in-law, who flew in from England (she’s staying forever!).  It was quite the journey. The pups came, too. :) We did lots of junk-food-snacking on the drive, I’ll admit.  I think we were both more bored than [...]


Modified Boot Camp

The start to every single road trip that I’ve ever been on with the Husband starts like this:  We agree to leave at a certain time, but it’s actually a fake time, because we know we won’t REALLY leave until at least an hour after the real time.  So we say 1:00 but we mean [...]


French Toast Casserole

Catching up on weekend posts?   How the Husband (an acupuncturist) made my knee pain disappear. Homemade veggie cream cheese Why I need yoga in my life   Nothing chases the Moan-day blues away quite like a new breakfast recipe.  Dare I say this is a new favorite recipe? Here’s the thing with breakfast recipes [...]


All in a Day’s Eats

A normal Sunday over here – a little yoga (go me!), some work, a long walk, a little nap, and lots of good eats.  :)   Part I of Lunch was a Bagel Thin with homemade veggie cream cheese.  I’m thinking about doing a bagel and customizable cream cheese bar for my Girls on the [...]


Yoga + Runners: A Case Study

While in double-pigeon pose this morning at 90-minute Hot Yoga, I realized there is a strong correlation between the quality of my running and how often I go to yoga.   A case study…   During the peak of training for the Spinx Marathon during September and October, I ran an average of 30.125 miles [...]


Spelt Pancakes

I totally forgot about Spring Forward (but I love how smart phones automatically adjust) so I am completely dragging this morning.  That hour can mean a lot!   Last night, I was laying in bed Googling ‘spelt pancakes’ and the first recipe that came up was one by my dear blend (blog friend) Angela from [...]


Broiled Grapefruit + Hot-lanta Questions

Tonight was one of those random nights.  We found ourselves aimlessly wandering the aisles of Target and buying stuff like the Bark Off device (which doesn’t seem to work on Maggie…). We also cleaned the house from top to bottom, did a ton of gardening, and generally got our lives in order.  Plus… I went [...]


Spring Cleaning

GREAT news – I woke up this morning and my knee felt a lot better.  If it was a 7 after my run (10 is ‘take me to the hospital immediately’) and a 5 after acupuncture and cupping, now it’s just a 2.  Whew! I try not to panic when sometime seems sore post-workout (all [...]


In a Lady’s Purse

Traditional Western remedy for achy knees: Pizza + Beer = Almost as good as acupuncture and cupping.  :)   Naw, really – we met some friends for dinner tonight (Michelle + Ben and Nate + Kate).   We wrapped things up at the clinic late (I inhaled a banana while checking out the last patient) and [...]