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A normal Sunday over here – a little yoga (go me!), some work, a long walk, a little nap, and lots of good eats.  🙂


Part I of Lunch was a Bagel Thin with homemade veggie cream cheese.  I’m thinking about doing a bagel and customizable cream cheese bar for my Girls on the Run troops for their practice 5K party.  I would bring a bunch of mix-ins and little bowl for the Husband and I to scoop cream cheese in and mash in ingredients.  It would be a fun way to encourage them to try new stuff, right?  I would love ingredient suggestions!


This homemade veggie cream cheese (I used a reduced-fat kind just to try it… It tasted as good as the normal kind to me!) contained a mix of:


  • Green onions
  • Carrots
  • Dill


And it was very delicious.  Glad I have a bunch leftover.  Yum.


I also had a bowl of split pea soup (Trader Joe brand) with added spinach and sunflower seeds:


Post-nap snack of PB toast:


And dinner featured two of my favorite things: TACOS and Oven Roasted Carrot and Kale (I am becoming addicted to this stuff – it’s just such a yummy way to eat my greens!).


Yes, shot glasses are awesome taco holder-uppers.



Tacos were filled with beans, canned lentils, sprouts, and feta.  It worked – especially with a little hot sauce.


Mmm. Greens.  When I make the Oven Roasted Carrot and Kale recipe, I use a whole head of kale, and the Husband and I split it!


I just spent 2 hours pre-writing a slew of Operation Beautiful posts, and now I am BEAT!  Time to relax on the couch and hop in bed early.


What was the yummiest thing you ate today?


Oh, PS – We are going to Atlanta tomorrow night instead of tonight (obviously).  Plans got changed at the last moment!  Thanks for all the restaurant recommendations  – we can’t wait to see the city.



  • Runner Couple - Sara March 13, 2011, 10:05 pm

    What delicious eats you had today!! Those tacos look delicious!

  • allyson March 13, 2011, 10:13 pm

    i would go for a PB and jelly bar with the cream cheese, i cream cheese creeped me out as a kid and still does

  • Jocelyn March 13, 2011, 10:14 pm

    I work at a bagel shop and we have some yummy cream cheeses….strawberry (jam and the cc mixed in) our veggie has chopped red/green bell peppers, carrots and garlic, pesto (costco pesto mixed in), SDTB (sun-dried tomatoes and dried basil), herb (an fun herb mix). Oh ya kids love honey almond (vanilla, brown sugar, toasted and chopped almonds, and honey)

    the list goes on and on we have 29 flavors!! Let me know if you want other ideas. man just thinking about it makes me want to go to work!! Love you site 🙂

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:20 am

      Honey Almond sounds awesome. I bet the girls will love that.

      • lindsay March 14, 2011, 3:48 pm

        almond may be bad because of the increased allergies in kids these days. I would have never thought of this before a few months ago when we find out my daughter has a nut allergy. My daughter can’t even touch nuts or touch someone else who has touched them. Just so you are cautious…

  • Meg March 13, 2011, 10:15 pm

    Mmmm homemade cream cheese sounds amazing! So does tacos 🙂

    Enjoy your evening Caitlin!

  • chelsea March 13, 2011, 10:17 pm

    Love the taco stands! I like to mix a little bit of cream cheese with chobani and use it as a pancake or waffle topping…weird I know ….but have fun in Hotlanta!!!

  • Kristen March 13, 2011, 10:18 pm

    Finnish baked apple pancake (Omenapannukakku) for breakfast! Yum, yum, yum!

  • Lee March 13, 2011, 10:19 pm

    The best thing I ate today was a salad with tofu from Willy’s. (Another ATL restaurant, it’s like Chipotle, but better because they have tofu, really good tofu.)

  • Jessica March 13, 2011, 10:19 pm

    yummiest thing I ate today was the carrots and kale! I had some I needed to use up and was SO impressed by that recipe! I used more kale than it called for and loved it. Oh, btw I’ve been meaning to tell you about something I made I think you’d like- homemade black bean sweet potato burgers! since the 2 go so perfectly together, I added a little baked sweet potato into a bowl with black beans, flour, and spices. It was AMAZING! Just like eating sweets w/ beans but in burger form. Have a good night 🙂

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:20 am

      I made black bean and sweet potato burritos once with green chile pepper and it was awesome!

  • Rachael March 13, 2011, 10:21 pm

    My yummiest (and unhealthiest)eat today was a 12″ banana, walnut and maple syrup dutch pancake. A weeks worth of carbs, fat and sugar in one meal. I’ll be working it off all week. But it was so good.

  • Sarah @ The Pajama Chef March 13, 2011, 10:24 pm

    love that you made your own flavored cream cheese! my husband hates flavored CC and it always seemed silly to buy some just for me, but i never thought to make a little of my own. i’ll definitely be doing that now 🙂

  • Ellie @ The Mommyist March 13, 2011, 10:25 pm

    I don’t eat anything low fat. I eat whole fat yogurt, milk, etc. The one exception is cream cheese I always buy the 1/3 less fat cream cheese. It really is just as good. I ate some strawberries that were the most delicious thing I’ve had all day.

  • Amber March 13, 2011, 10:28 pm

    What about green or black olives? They could be chopped up and mixed into cream cheese (yum) or spread as a tapenade (even yummier)! I love salty/savory tastes!

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:19 am

      Oh meee geee. I love black olives.

  • Emma (Namaste Everyday) March 13, 2011, 10:28 pm

    I love the cream cheese bar idea! That is too fun! there are virtually no bagels here in New Zealand, and I may actually drop dead if I don’t have one soon!

  • Beth@attemptbalance March 13, 2011, 10:29 pm

    The cream cheese sounds delicious! I think sun dried tomatoes would be great too. Also honey and raisins sounds yummy for a sweet snack. Great Site!

  • Megan @ Loving the little things March 13, 2011, 10:29 pm

    I just ate my second bowl of “overnight oats” for the day, and I just can’t get enough. So delicious!

  • Ashley @ Feeding Ashley March 13, 2011, 10:29 pm

    Those tacos look great. I really loved the yogurt mess bowl I had today, and some fried tofu. Love the shot glass holder uppers.
    I know when I was younger, and even older, I hated cream cheese so maybe leave a peanut butter option as well?

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:18 am

      Yea good plan, and jam.

  • Katie @ PEACEBEME March 13, 2011, 10:29 pm

    I also ate home-made tacos for dinner, but with ground beef.

    I am in love with dill!

  • Jen March 13, 2011, 10:38 pm

    The yummiest thing I ate was the Irish soda bread I made this afternoon. Irish soda bread and tea, the perfect afternoon snack to kick off St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Kristin @ FoodFash March 13, 2011, 10:42 pm

    Oops! I commented on the wrong post. Cinnamon and banana cream cheese is my vote!

  • Kate (What Kate is Cooking) March 13, 2011, 10:42 pm

    My green smoothie this morning was pretty epic 🙂

  • Ashley March 13, 2011, 10:44 pm

    haha, love the use of shot glasses to keep the tacos upright – I’ll have to steal that idea – usually my tacos just fall all over the place and toppings roll all over!

  • Holly @ Couch Potato Athlete March 13, 2011, 10:51 pm

    Have a safe trip to Atlanta!

    I love your taco holder-uppers 🙂 I’m a soft shell taco gal so I don’t have to deal with that!

  • Natalia - a side of simple March 13, 2011, 10:56 pm

    I have yet to even try kale, but the oven roasted method with carrots sounds like the perfect way for us to get introduced!

  • Charlie March 13, 2011, 10:59 pm

    My favorite add-in for salty cream cheese is chives!
    And for a sweet cream cheese, pineapple is delicious :). Crushed canned pineapple would probably be easier to mash in ;).

  • Sarah Lynn March 13, 2011, 11:02 pm

    PLEASE go to SURIN!!!!!!!!!! In Atlanta…it is the BEST!!! You will not regret it! They have wonderful vegetarian options!!!

  • Lauren @ laurenINlawrence March 13, 2011, 11:09 pm

    I ordered a mini pizza for myself from the local pizza place because I’m in the midst of a big big paper for law school and needed to carb load 🙂 Anywhoooo.

    I also have made the kale and carrots twice in the past few days – easy and tasty! Do you prefer it with the shredded carrots vs. the chunks of carrots?

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:18 am

      I think I like the slices more than the shredded – I flipped the tool around on my food processor by accident!

  • Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing March 13, 2011, 11:11 pm

    Yay for productive days! It must be split-pea soup week in the blog world — it’s quite ubiquitous (including a post I did this week, ha) 🙂 Have a wonderful time in Atlanta!

  • Andi March 13, 2011, 11:12 pm

    Check this link out:

    I used to live in NYC- and right down the street from me was Vics! It’s a bagel bar where you can pick you spread and then customize it with your favorite toppings! Maybe you can get some ideas

  • SaraRM March 13, 2011, 11:17 pm

    I love the idea of the cream cheese bar as an adult! My first thought was good luck getting them to eat that at that age but I think as long as you have other options besides cream cheese youll be ok(just in case). Your list on fb looks like a good combo!! Very good idea and hopefully they try things they normally wouldnt.

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:17 am

      Yea maybe I’ll bring PB too.

  • Amanda (Eating Up) March 13, 2011, 11:26 pm

    That veggie cream cheese looks so much better than store bought. I always like the honey and nut flavored cream cheeses!

  • Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa March 13, 2011, 11:31 pm

    What a great idea for the GOTR practice 5K party!

    Today, the best thing I ate was the loaded muffin I created for brunch – AND the feta, olive and mushroom quiche. Delicious!

  • Megan March 13, 2011, 11:34 pm

    Dried veggies are really good in cream cheese!

    • Megan March 13, 2011, 11:36 pm

      I definitely meant fruit..

  • Laura (Starloz) March 13, 2011, 11:35 pm

    i’ve only eaten breakfast, so thats my highlight.

    i love that you use your shot glasses, mine are just in a box collecting dust.

  • Laura March 13, 2011, 11:39 pm

    Homemade bread and black cherry jam for breakfast. Um, and lunch. 😀 But I’m having fish and chips for dinner, so that might edge it out.

  • Shannon March 13, 2011, 11:57 pm

    I ate froyo. It was the best thing ever.

  • Stephanie March 14, 2011, 12:08 am

    I was craving some chocolate so I made Evan’s Better Than boxed brownies. Totally hit the spot!

    PS I nominated you for a blog award on my latest post. You don’t have to do anything, I just wanted to share my love of this blog. 🙂

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:16 am

      Thank you so much for the blog award!

  • ashley @ ashley's adventures in alaska March 14, 2011, 12:12 am

    My stomach has been wonky all day, so the best thing I had was Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey. Yogurt always seems to make things better, so we’ll see!

  • Jolene ( March 14, 2011, 12:17 am

    I really want to try those bagel thins!! What a great invention!

  • Beatrix @ Beaglebea March 14, 2011, 1:02 am

    Those tacos look so good. I made a batch of Double Chocolate Chip Hummus.. yummy

  • sarah (sarah learns) March 14, 2011, 1:27 am

    my fiance and i went out for mexican tonight! i had a fajita quesadilla. it was loaded with roasted veggies and came with guac on the side. sooooo tasty.

  • Lili March 14, 2011, 1:33 am

    I Made tacos too!!

  • Gubbi of Arabia (Expat Life in Dubai) March 14, 2011, 2:20 am

    Oh my gosh – I woke up, read this post, and went straight to my fridge to make veggie cream cheese, it looked too good to resist! I used grated carrots, chopped spinach, fresh basil, and salt and pepper, on a whole wheat baguette… YUM. Thanks for the dreamy breakfast!

  • anne March 14, 2011, 5:11 am

    when i saw/read that you put spinach in your bowl of tj’s split pea soup, i got so giddy! i seriously thought i might be the only one who would do that. it makes the soup so much bulkier and is such a great way to get more veggies in. hooray!

  • Samantha March 14, 2011, 5:33 am

    I haven’t eaten much at all today, appetite has been off due to many major stressors the last week. But I’m currently munching on shoestring sweet potato fries (local sweet pots spiralized and drizzled w/ gso and salt) and kale chips massaged in Gena’s walnut cheddar and baked.

    I wanted to comment bc you posted about your homemade veggie cream cheese. I’ve got a way you can kick it up a notch thats so good! Chop/dice up whatever veggies you’d like (I usually use carrots, broccoli , bell pepper and green beans), toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, roast for 30mins at 350 then mix in your low fat cream cheese. The roasting really brings out the flavor and softens the veggies. Next time I’ll add onion too.

  • Lauren March 14, 2011, 6:36 am

    I love the cream cheese bar idea! How about cinnamon, brown sugar, and roasted almonds? Or strawberries and chocolate chips.

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:15 am

      Oh chocolate chips – good one!

  • Jordan March 14, 2011, 6:42 am

    YUM! A cream cheese bar? So fun! My favorite combo is cream chees+ sundried tomatoes+ pesto. It’s amazing!

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:14 am

      Oh pesto would be an awesome mix-in, thanks for the idea!

  • chelsey @ clean eating chelsey March 14, 2011, 7:15 am

    The best thing I ate yesterday were my leftovers from a raw vegan cafe I went to on Saturday – it was so so good!

  • Lauren March 14, 2011, 7:24 am

    Kids love customizable meals! I bet various types of chopped fruit would be good. I love doing make your own trail mix kits with kids!

  • Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) March 14, 2011, 7:38 am

    I made an orange cream ice cream with a pomegranate swirl that rocked my world yesterday! Enjoy Atlanta today! It is supposed to be pretty here today so that should give you some good driving weather. I love it here in the spring time. Have a safe trip.

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin March 14, 2011, 7:58 am

    That customizable cream cheese station is such a good idea! The possibilities are endless… lemon and dill would be sooo good.

    The best thing I ate yesterday was a bagel and lox.

  • Stacy March 14, 2011, 8:25 am

    I just discovered your blog and love it! I also live in Charlotte, NC and have a food blog! I have never made my own cream cheese, but now you’ve inspired me to do so. Thanks for the tips!

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:14 am

      Hi! 🙂

  • Kara March 14, 2011, 8:39 am

    I think probably the best thing I had today was a glass of chocolate milk after I got home from running my marathon. Long runs mess with my appetite, but at least I know I got the right 4:1 carb protein ratio in a tasty drink 🙂

  • Michelle March 14, 2011, 8:50 am

    With your cream cheese- I would give the kids options like peas, tomatoes, corn… things that they will have tried. Then having other options they might add in something they have never tried. Just mixing it is a new step! Great idea helping them push their boundaries in so many ways!!! Peace

  • Alayna @ Thyme Bombe March 14, 2011, 9:35 am

    I think guacamole cream cheese sounds good, just mix the two together!

  • brandi March 14, 2011, 9:43 am

    The cream cheese bar is a great idea and you could do a ton of options:

    – veggies (scallions, carrots, herbs)
    – raisins/dried fruit
    – cinnamon and brown sugar
    – walnuts/pecans
    – honey/agave

    • Caitlin March 14, 2011, 10:13 am

      Oh raisins is a good idea.

      • brandi March 14, 2011, 10:17 am

        i’m not a big fan of raisins in some things, but they are awesome in cream cheese! Plus, they could do a mix with the raisins and cinnamon and sugar OR make a “carrot cake” type mix with carrots, raisins, nuts, and cinnamon. yum.

  • Megan March 14, 2011, 10:02 am

    That cream cheese spread looks AMAZING! I’ll have to start adding veggies to mine – what a simple & new idea! 🙂

  • Carol March 14, 2011, 11:51 am

    Ideas for your cream cheese:
    *Cinnamon/Raisin (or any other dried fruit)
    *Dried fruit/nuts

    I have also been making my own peanut butter lately.
    I made a banana version:
    1 cup unsalted dry roasted peanuts
    1 med. ripe banana
    Whipped in the food processor.

    I also made a honey/cinnamon version.
    1 cup unsalted dry roasted peanuts
    1 tablespoon honey

    Both were quite tasty…especially on the spelt raisin bread I made this weekend!
    Hope you have a great week!

  • Sam (the neurotic yogini) March 14, 2011, 12:24 pm

    I just finished some fresh cantaloupe, yummy as usual!! 🙂

  • Miranda March 14, 2011, 12:30 pm

    Oh yum! I have some cream cheese to use up and am going to make that ASAP.

  • Annette @ EnjoyYourHealthyLife March 14, 2011, 1:11 pm

    Yummy!!! For cream cheese : almonds + maple syrup, apples + almonds, pesto + more pine nuts, OR spinach + feta…. those you could try 🙂

  • Amber K March 14, 2011, 1:29 pm

    I have to say, I love the term “taco holder-upper” The yummiest thing I ate today would have to be breakfast, because that’s all I have eaten today.

    But yesterday I had some awesome Irish Mint fro-yo. That was THE best thing ever. Yum!

  • Georgie March 14, 2011, 10:32 pm

    The yummiest thing I had was by breakfast omelet. I can never get enough veggies, cheese, and eggs! Lately I have been giving it a sprinkle of chipotle powder, which adds a fabulous smoky flavor to it. 🙂

    I’m thrilled you’re liking the kale recipe! I made it again two days ago with a leek instead of the onion (because thats what I had on hand). I think the onion is best. 🙂

    I am loving your log – I read every day! PS – Would you be interested in reviewing a copy of my cookbook? Drop me a line and let me know!


  • BroccoliHut March 15, 2011, 12:58 am

    That cream cheese looks phenom! Great idea.
    Tastiest thing I ate today? bean salad with white beans, green beans, yellow pepper, & poppyseed dressing:)

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