August 2010

Pit Stop

Slowing making our way back to Charlotte!  We stopped at my mom’s house to pick up the dogs and eat lunch. My mom put out an amazing salad spread. The star of the show was my Perfect Baked Tofu.  I haven’t made this in so long but I’m very glad that mom reminded me of [...]



It’s our last morning in our little cabin and, I have to admit, I’m pretty sad to leave.  It was the perfect escape, and we both feel refreshed and renewed.   Since so many people asked, the cabin we stayed at was with Legacy Mountain Resort.  We specifically stayed in the Imagine cabin.  I loved [...]


The Bear Says Rawr!

Our big activity of the day was driving to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a very long 6.6 mile hike up a mountain! It was a very challenging climb and the back of my legs are absolutely killing me now!   I  played the good old “Rock Monster” trick on the Husband.  You [...]


Daybreak at the Cabin

Definitely worth getting up early for: I slept like a rock, feeling the calmest and happiest that I’ve felt in… months? Sweet relief, this vacation to the Mountains is exactly what I needed in my life.   While the Husband would rather maximize his vacation by sleeping in, I would rather wake up early and [...]


No Words



We Need a Vacation!

In the past two months…   The Husband graduated from acupuncture graduate school (June 19th): We moved from Orlando, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina (June 27th): We drove to Pennsylvania for my best friend’s wedding (July 3rd): I began training for my second marathon and ran a speedy 4.0 mile race (July 24th): After a [...]


Woke up early so I could cook mom breakfast before she ran away to work (she works at a small consignment shop in her ‘retirement’).  We made whole wheat pancakes: Real maple syrup on the side for dippin’ action:   It’s looking like a beautiful day in Tennessee – I’m excited for Part II of [...]


Mystery Road Trip

The Husband and I set out on a mystery road trip – all will be revealed tomorrow at lunch, I promise!  :)   Car food: Cereal, yogurt, and a sliced banana.   I even brought  my basil plant on this trip.  I bought a second one after the first one died a few weeks ago, [...]



My coffee cup and laptop made out this morning, and now I’m getting the blue screen of death. I would be more upset if I didn’t constantly back-up my laptop AND if I didn’t have a netbook to blog on.  I try not to sweat it when stuff like this happens… it was clearly an [...]



Oh honeydew – you are a wonderful fruit. But you are simply not meant to be grilled.    I’ve had a honeydew sitting in my fridge for the last week, but I couldn’t decide what to do with it – eating it plain just seemed boring.  This morning, I was struck by the idea that [...]


A Macro View of the Week

Doesn’t my bed look inviting? I practically face-planted into bed this afternoon, immediately passing out and sleeping for about FOUR HOURS.  I felt like I was being roused from a coma when my alarm went off, and then I proceeded to roll around for another thirty minutes, debating if I could possibly just go back [...]


Keep Calm and Fly On

Last night was so much fun, but I didn’t get into bed until 3 AM and had to wake up at 7:30 AM to make my flight – oof! However, it was totally worth it to stay out late with the girls! I am really going to miss Lauren when she moves to Asia… hopefully, [...]


Can You Believe…

I got this dinner from a 7-11 gas station? I can’t believe it either!  That’s organic noodles!  And check out those short ingredient lists.  I found them next to the organic tofu sandwiches – I kid you not!  In a gas station!   What’s your go-to healthy convenience food?  I also head for the bananas [...]


Shop ‘Til You Drop

My girlfriends are really, really good at shopping.  Which can be a bad thing, if you know what I mean.  :)   Pulled our acts together this morning and hailed a cab:   (Angry faces get cabs faster, according to NYC savvy Lauren.)   We headed straight to our favorite Philly breakfast place, the Continental.  [...]