July 2010

Body Pump Review

New friend, new workout! Kate (who I hung out with on Saturday and is proving herself to be a very fun person) invited me to join her and her roomie for a free Body Pump class at their gym.  I’ve heard of Body Pump from Tina, but have never tried a class-style strength program and [...]


Faux Sausage

Not this kind of faux sausage: This kind of faux sausage: I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to pick up this vegetarian sausage at the store the other night.  I was never really into sausage when I ate meat.  I do like the Morningstar sausages and was hoping this brand would be similar [...]


Little Things

This morning, I am enjoying the little things (before I dive head-first into the big, scary, complicated work-related things).  Ahhhh.   Weeding makes me happy.  Weeding means I have something tangible to take care of.  Weeding means I haven’t killed my flowers and given up on my flowerbed yet. Also, tea kettles that emit a [...]


Food for Thought

Things are FINALLY coming off my To Do List.  For three days straight, it seemed like it GREW daily, but now it’s shrinking.  It feels good.   And I had a fun play date planned for this evening!  I met up with a reader named Anne for frozen yogurt.  Isn’t it fun when you have [...]


Pencil It In

Since my life is currently imploding (in a great way), I’ve found that I’m struggling mentally to “make time” for my workouts.  Between the book release, launching the Husband’s practice (which I’ve really hands-on about; I’m actually going to be the secretary), planning the Healthy Living Summit, and juggling freelance, I’m swamped.   One trick [...]


Gone, But Not Forgotten

Oh, Pancake Truffles.  I have missed you! Why have I not made Pancake Truffles in… months?!  This breakfast is so amazingly delicious.  I think I feared the time prep involved, but I actually timed myself today and it was only 6 minutes from countertop to oven.  Then I did some work, drank some coffee, and [...]


Alright.  The wiener dog is out of the bag. Note:  I think the fact that Maggie let me put her in a grocery bag and take photos of her is a prime example of why I love that silly little dog so much.  :)   Operation Beautiful is going to be on The Today Show!  [...]


The Big Birth Control Question, Part II

Have you entered the Ball giveaway yet?  If you’re interested in learning more about canning, a sweet reader named Erin recommends this book (which I have and like, too) as well as this recipe from TPW for strawberry jam!   If you follow me on Twitter, you know I received some VERY. EPIC. NEWS. earlier!  [...]


Toasted Ptitim

If you liked the textures and flavors of my toasted quinoa recipes (Pumpkin Spice and Sweet and Salty), then you’ll absolutely love this recipe! Ptitim, or Israeli couscous, is a large wheat couscous-like product similar to the Italian orzo.  Imagine regular couscous on steroids!   This breakfast is fresh, summery, and light but filling. Toasted [...]


Imagine Whirled Peace

We’re watching Hot Tub Time Machine – have you see this movie?   Three friends go back to 1986 to relive their best years – via a hot tube time machine.  It’s pretty funny, actually.  But obviously ridiculous!   Earlier, Kath + Matt joined the Husband, Nick, and I on a walk around the neighborhood [...]


British Open Party

I don’t know what happened today, but suddenly, I feel like I turned a major corner in my running!  This morning’s run was a fast negative split, and it felt great. Here’s my statistics:   Duration: 57:57 Distance: 6.25 miles Mile 1: 9:41 Mile 2: 9:20 Mile 3: 9:33 Mile 4: 9:08 Mile 5: 9:00 [...]



Last night we checked out the Charlotte nightlife! (source)   And it was awesome! We went to an area called the Epicenter, which is a multi-level bar, restaurant, and nightclub center.  I wish I had brought my camera, but I’ve misplaced my point-and-shoot during the move.  However, trust me when I say it was swanky [...]


Yes, We Can!

Adventures in Ball canning!  I can’t believe that I made 3 half pints of blueberry jam and 7 jars of pickles today – it was a long process, but really fun to do. Our day started by heading to the Atherton Market, which features mostly local and organic produce and meats.   I had fun talking [...]


Jen’s Healthy Tipping Point

The winner of the Athenos feta giveaway is Charlene D!  She wrote, “The best summer food is whatever I can find at the local farmers’ market!! I am particularly loving heirloom tomatoes — and to think I detested raw tomatoes until 2 years ago!”   Breakfast on the floor!  Our house is a bit of [...]

Healthy Tipping Point